Monday, July 13, 2015

Your Time Will Come

Ade was one of the youngest in his office but he was by far the most ambitious; he was creative, brilliant and articulate and always strove to be the best. One would have thought that Ade's character would earn him the admiration of his superiors, rather, he earned their disdain because they feared they would not be able to keep up with him and if he kept sharing his ideas with the board, they would soon lose their jobs.
They tried to make him redundant by giving him menial tasks, Ade was not suited to these kinds of tasks; his detractors finally had something to complain about; "you didn't put a comma in that letter, put that document in the file, even a junior staff can do that".
Ade kept working on ideas that would improve the organisation, he didn't mind that his superiors were frustrating him. The board became frustrated with the management after sometime and they called a meeting to interview all the staff of the organisation. They were surprised to discover that someone as brilliant as Ade was still a junior staff. They promoted him and fired the superiors and the organisation finally began to bloom.
Are you going through the same situation at your office? Don't give up, they will frustrate you so much that you will want to quit, don't quit because quitters never win. Ignore the challenges and focus on the greatness that beckons. Your enemies believe you can achieve your dream that's why they try to stop you, they won't waste their time on a loser, you are a winner!
Believe in yourself, you are descended from God and God never loses, winning is in your DNA, the Abrahamic covenant in Genesis 22:17 guarantees that you will always win over your enemies. Be conscious of that fact,no matter how bad it looks, you will win!
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Jesus is Lord. Shalom

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