Friday, January 30, 2015

Let God Influence Your Vote - Pastor Iyke Samuels of HOTR Benin advises youths

Ambassador Pastor Iyke Samuels is the Resident Pastor of House on the Rock, Benin and he has advised the youths of Nigeria most especially those of the Christian faith to let God influence who they vote for in the forthcoming elections.  Pastor Iyke in his article explained that he had been reluctant to voice his opinion on the forthcoming elections but he had a dream...

Truly I have always tried not to be seen as being partisan or political. As a result I avoid writing or saying anything about politics. BUT..

I had a dream. In that dream I decamped from a particular party to another one. Just stepping out with the flag of my newly joined party I saw the members of my former party setting ablaze a young man because he's a member of my new party. I was mad!!! I woke up and wondered "why this dream?" Then I figured that I just have to say something about the politics going on now.