Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Nation, Not A Tribe by Femi Fani-Kayode

I was born on October 16th in the year of our Lord 1960 and consequently I celebrated my 53rd birthday last week wednesday. It was a quiet low-key affair in which, as is customary with me, I spent most of the day in fasting, prayer and sober reflection, surrounded by my loved ones, thanking the Lord for granting me yet another year of life and for delivering me from the hands of my numerous detractors and enemies. I also took the time to thank my dear wife and soul mate Regina, for standing by me through thick and thin and for being such a blessing and my darling children who have had to put up with a father that is fast becoming one of the most controversial, misrepresented and misunderstood figures in Nigerian modern history- a title which I neither crave nor relish. May God bless them and all my numerous siblings, loved ones, friends, associates, collaborators, readers and well wishers for their encouraging words and constant love and support.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Apostle Lawrence Achudume Testifies

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you the testimony of Apostle Lawrence Achudume, a man who carries the anointing of the Holy Spirit to raise the dead, heal the sick and also to mentor the leaders of Nigeria in fulfilling God’s will for our great nation.
Apostle Lawrence Achudume is the Overseer of Victory Life Bible Church; a fast growing church located in Abeokuta with branches in many countries of the world. Our meeting was by chance but I have no doubt it was ordained by God. I want to thank Pastor Benson Akhigbe of Firm Foundation for making this interview possible.

In this interview, he shared on his ministry, marriage, Boko Haram and God’s plan for Nigeria. Excerpts… 

www.mytestimonys.blogspot.com; You planned to be a politician, how did God call you?
Apostle Lawrence Achudume: It happened during my prayer and fasting on how to change Nigeria having seen all forms of oppression and evil, injustices done to the weak in the society. My initial dream was that if the military was still in power by the time I graduated, I would go to Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) become a captain and be involved in whatever coup that would be planned and if it was politics, I would be involved. I got involved in politics; NPN many years ago. The dream was to have a better society and a better Nigeria.
It was in the course of praying and fasting that God said to me, ‘Go and raise a people that will be and not you’ that’s how the ministry came about.  I struggled with it for some time; different prophecies came in the course of people praying for me because of my ill health. Many people I never even shared the vision with told me God said I had not obeyed the call to ministry. From that day, I decided to obey, I got up and I moved and the sickness disappeared. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013


I proposed to the woman of my dreams and she said YES! The proposal is totally unforgettable so I thought to share it.

We were at Oba Tejuoso's palace in Abeokuta to interview him for the blog. Whilst introducing ourselves, he asked who the beautiful lady sitting next to me was, I explained that she was my fiancee, Olori Olabisi and Olori Omolara were present while the introduction was going on; when they heard me introduce her as my fiancee, they asked if I had asked her to marry me; I replied that I was waiting for the ring. It was at that point they said' 'at least ask her'. So right in front of Oba Tejuoso, Olori Olabisi and Olori Omolara I proposed! Olori Omolara took pictures then Oba Tejuoso prayed for us.

This is the best proposal I could ever wish for, God blew my mind! Leke Alder once said that a good woman is God's proof of His mercy on your life. I totally believe it and I thank God for giving me a beautiful, Godly woman. I am truly a blessed man. I love you so much baby mmmwah!

I chose a sapphire stone embellished with diamonds because the bible said in Isaiah 54;11 that God would lay our foundation with sapphires. A sapphire is a very solid rock so it symbolises a strong foundation.