Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Christians in Sokoto State Organise Worship Concert

Some few months ago, I got a call from a man named Biodun from Grace Breed Commission, Sokoto State, Nigeria. He found our blog and explained that he was a Christian in Northern Nigeria. He also asked that he would be delighted if I share some of  the activities of Christians in the North, before now, the impression we get from the press is that all Christians are running scared but there is a remnant. There are a group of Christians who have put their lives on the line to serve God at all costs.

This is by far the most inspiring story I have ever shared on this blog. These Christians are in Sokoto State, the seat of the Muslim Caliphate!  In the middle of extremists and Boko Haram insurgents, these Christians came together and organised a worship concert powered by Grace Breed Commission (GBC). 

The Gospel fathers in Sokoto State were also present at the concert.  Dr. Moses Fagbemi of the Source Gospel team, Evangelist Elisha Imeribe of Thy Word Is Truth Ministries, Pastor Sani of Christ House International,  PFN Sokoto Chapter and the Guest Minister from Delta State; Pastor Murphy Akpovi.
Souls were added to the kingdom, lives were changed,  men and women were filled with the Holy Ghost. 

Right at the centre of the storm, God is still doing wonders.I ask that everyone continue to pray for these courageous souls who still worship and praise the name of Jehovah despite the challenges and threats they may be facing.

 Courageous souls praising Jehovah even in the centre of the storm

From right; One of the oldest evangelists in Sokoto State; Evangelist Elisha Imeribe (Thy Word Is Truth Ministries), Guest Minister Pastor Murphy Akpovi, Dr. Moses Fagbemi (Source Gospel Outreach Ministry)

Guest Minister Pastor Murphy Akpovi from Delta State.

Members of 3D worship and Grace Breed Commission 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

God gave me a job at The United Nations

The Law of Sympathetic Resonance gives the illustration of two grand pianos in different parts of a room; when you strike a key on one of the pianos, the exact key vibrates on the other piano. There are people whom I vibrate on the same frequency with; Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo is one of them; I used to read her blog even before I knew I would start a blog, she is just an inspiration to this generation. 

There is a remnant of passionate, excellent Christians who are God’s businessmen and God’s ambassadors, who usher in God wherever they find themselves; I am convinced Eziaha is one of them. One of my friends had shared her testimony on how she got a job at the World Bank read here and Eziaha told me she was next and God honoured her faith. I give God all the glory for the wonderful things He is doing through this blog; if you tap into her testimony, you could be next, I have tapped into it and I KNOW I am next.
This testimony is quite a lengthy read but I pride our over 68,000 readers in over 40 countries as one of the cultured few who still enjoy a good story. You can check out Eziaha's blog on www.eziaha.com  
This testimony will blow your mind. Enjoy...

I am so amazed by this God and how faithful He is to honour His Word if we can just stand on that Word and do our part till our testimony comes.

As a University of Ibadan Sociology student, I was very exposed to the United Nations (UN), I took minors in Political Science and Economics in 200L and I was very  fascinated me so I signed up for more courses related to the UN and Developmental Sociology (You should see my transcript, I had an Aplus in almost all) and I told everyone who cared to listen that I would work there.
Fast forward to graduation, just before NYSC, I moved to Abuja (The ‘Buj) because I really wanted to serve there plus God had told me The ‘Buj was it.
Now my Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo (PK) not only preaches faith; he is a man of faith. If I know anyone who lives by faith, PK does. He had shared with us how he got admission then to University. God had told him to study Business Administration at Yabatech’ so he goes to the school and the department; he didn’t know anyone and had made up his mind he was not going to bribe no-one too as most people were doing. So PK stood at the gate and he would approach anyone who looked like a lecturer and ask for admission. As you can imagine, he was insulted by many people but he stood there. Until finally he met this top ranking officer who was just worn out by his determination and decided to help him ‘for God’s sake’ and that is how PK got his admission.

With that in mind, after I moved to Abuja against my parent’s wish who wondered why I wanted to leave the ‘familiarity’ of Lagos for Abuja, I bunked with JMAD (girl, you are a real star), then decided to look for where the UN was and go get my testimony. This was February 2013. I didn’t just choose Abuja; if anything, I wanted to stay back in Ibadan. One day, as I prayed, God told me that Ibadan was NOT the place. SAY WHAT!!! Pray tell, WHERE IS THE PLACE? Only for my Sugar Daddy (God) to say ABUJA!!! I had only been to Abuja for like a two week holiday some 5 years ago. But the Word He gave me was profound;

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Love Story by Iyke and Lisa

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the love story of my pastors. There are people you meet in your life who take you to the next level. Pastor Iyke and Pastor Lisa have been the singular biggest influence in my life for the past two years both as my pastors and mentors; God has used this power couple to bless me tremendously.

It was at the House On The Rock (HOTR), Benin that God begin to bring out some talents I did not know I had, one of which is this blog. He was the one who pushed me to get married; he began to let all the bachelors in church see what we were missing and encouraged us. This man hears God; when he advises you, it is the voice of God.

Pastor Iyke is also an author, he is dropping a mind blowing book titled ‘Finding Mr. Right’ very soon. I have a lot of respect for this humble, unassuming prophet. 
I celebrate you now and always. This interview was published by www.oneplustheone.blogspot.com Enjoy the story...


oneplustheone.blogspot.com; Hello Mr and Mrs Nnamdi, its wonderful to meet you and we are really glad that you would be letting us have a glimpse into your world. Please introduce yourselves.


Ikechukwu: We are Team Iyke made up of the highly prestigious and extremely beautiful Nnamdi Toolisa Nneka popularly referred to as Pastor Lisa and the simple Nnamdi Ikechukwu Samuels also known as Pastor Iyke. We are certified marriage mentors and relationship coaches. We got married on the 14th day of February 2009 and we are headed to 6 years of amazing marital bliss. 
The love was so strong that we exchanged vows on the highly acclaimed love day (LOL) however we strongly believe that every day is a day of love.
Our hobbies are cooking, travelling, reading (my wife), while for me, it's driving, flying, playing games and teaching.