Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Your Offering is Very Important

"Sweetheart, your baby's pampers has finished again and we also need money to buy food and ..." Emeka gave his wife a stern look and said "Please leave me alone you this woman was it not last week that I bought pampers? We will drink Garri in the meantime, there is no money for now abeg"
Emeka just became a father and he suddenly realized that he would be needing a lot of money if he would take care of his family successfully, he needed extra income but he didn't know what to do for money.
Emeka went to church on Sunday and his pastor began to preach about 
Luke 6:38 (NLT) Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full--pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back."

Suddenly it hit Emeka, he knew exactly what to do! He would increase his offering in church and let God take care of the rest. Emeka started giving 1000 Naira every service instead of 200 Naira, it was not easy, he had to consciously save the money every week but he kept giving the offering.
For a whole month, nothing changed then one Monday, Emeka got to the office and they informed him that he had been nominated as part of a team that would be attending courses in the U.S. and other countries for the next 3 months. The traveling allowance was a year's salary and it was paid upfront.
Emeka had more money than he could spend even after settling all the bills. The more Emeka gave in church, the more his finances increased. Pampers, food and all other necessities were no longer a problem for Emeka, he knew he could never be stranded again because he knew what to do.
The day you realize that God started the church and ordained your pastor to take care of every need you will ever have; both spiritual and physical is the day your life will change forever.
Many Christians are faithful tithers but then they put whatever they find into the offering basket. Listen to me! God cares as much about the offering as He cares about the tithe! We are told in Malachi 3: 8(NLT) Should people cheat God? Yet you have cheated me!
“But you ask, ‘What do you mean? When did we ever cheat you?’You have cheated me of the tithes AND offerings due to me.

Jesus also mentioned the widow who gave all she had in Mark 12:41-44 (NLT) 41Jesus sat down near the collection box in the Temple and watched as the crowds dropped in their money. Many rich people put in large amounts. 42Then a poor widow came and dropped in two small coins.j
43Jesus called his disciples to him and said, “I tell you the truth, this poor widow has given more than all the others who are making contributions. 44For they gave a tiny part of their surplus, but she, poor as she is, has given everything she had to live on.”
God notices what you put in the offering bowl. Is it an honourable offering? Does it cost you something, do you choose the cleanest Naira notes you can find and separate them so that you ensure you are giving God clean money? Do you separate your offering from every other money?
God has not called us to live like the rest of the world, He has not called us to toil and labour but He has called us to a life of honor! Money is crucial and you must settle God's part so He can send you more than enough! God doesn't spend money but He put a money system in the world because He knows you will need it to fulfill destiny.
Stop squeezing five Naira and ten Naira into the offering envelope. Give God quality offerings, don't give Him less than your subscription for blackberry or your android phone.
If you honor God this way, He will take care of all your money problems. May God help us all in Jesus name.
My 20 year dream is to see the Gospel preached to a billion people through the social media. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. 
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

His Ways Are Higher

"God, this is not what you told me, what is going on? Everything has turned upside down, I need your help"
Gbenga was in church on Sunday when God began to tell him that he was entering a new season of greatness. He was very excited and he began to day dream about the things he would do, he thought about building an orphanage, buying school buses for children in his community, he thought about getting married to that sister he had been eyeing in church and the wonderful life he was going to build. God had told him, he would be great and he believed it, God was not a man, He could not lie. Gbenga slept with a smile on his face.
On Monday morning, Gbenga got to his office and his manager called for him and gave him a letter, he thought to himself "haa, God has started, a promotion letter". Gbenga opened the letter and he was shocked, he had been fired with immediate effect.
What was going on? How could this happen after what God had told him, he was still trying to recover when his phone rang, his mum was in the hospital and he needed to send money urgently, the problem was he didn't have the money, now he had to find a way of raising money without a job.
Gbenga got into his car and was negotiating a bend when a car crashed into his side, he was so angry but when the traffic wardens came, they told Gbenga he was the one at fault, he begged the driver who told him that he had to come and see his Oga. In the meantime, Gbenga's phone was impounded, now he couldn't reach anyone.
Gbenga got back home and wanted to start crying but the Holy Spirit began to tell him to worship, that was strange but he obeyed. As he sang and danced before the Lord, he felt better and a peace that he could not understand was on him.
He went to see the owner of the car he hit, when he met the man, he took one look at him and said " Gbenga right? I know you very well, I belong on the board of directors of your company, I was the one who told them to terminate your appointment because I want you to come and head my new company.I was surprised when I heard you hit my car, my driver has bashed two cars so there's no way you can be at fault, don't bother about it, resume at the Lekki office on Monday, in the meantime take this car over here and N500,000 to fix your car. I will see you on Monday" Gbenga just bowed, thanked the man and left, he was overwhelmed.
When Gbenga got home, he just began to roll on the floor, he recognized that God was indeed superior in His ways and His thinking.
Beloved, the bible says in Isaiah 55:8-11(NLT) My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD.
“And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.
9For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so my ways are higher than your ways
and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.
10“The rain and snow come down from the heavens
and stay on the ground to water the earth.
They cause the grain to grow,
producing seed for the farmer
and bread for the hungry.
11It is the same with my word.
I send it out, and it always produces fruit.
It will accomplish all I want it to,
and it will prosper everywhere I send it.

Many times, when God tells us about the good things He will do, we begin to imagine how He will do it and then when it doesn't go according to the way we felt it should go, we are disappointed. The approach should be to trust God and His word! Don't look around at everything going on around you, just focus on His word. If He has said it, He will bring it to pass!
Another thing you must know is that God does not need your help to do what He wants to do! Don't try to help God or think for Him, He created you and He knows you more than yourself, He knows how to do the things that will wipe your tears and put a smile on your face. If you have God's word on anything please go to sleep just keep praising Him till your change comes and it will no matter how impossible it looks!
My 20 year dream is to see the Gospel preached to a billion people through the social media. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. 
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Monday, September 28, 2015

Yewande & Lani: My Cheri Amour

When God talks to you about the woman you will spend the rest of your life with, you will know, you will not doubt it for a second. That is exactly what happened to my homie Lani, they are such a beautiful couple. We wish Yewande and Lani all the happiness they desire. They shared their pre wedding pictures and story with us. Enjoy...

Yewande's Story
The moment Lani told me of his intention to date, the first thing that came to my mind “see washing... this fine boy wants to put me on a long thing”. We continued as friends for some months, little did I know that the ‘love-bug’ was gonna hit me soon.
Our communication level deepened and at some point, we couldn't do without hearing from each other every day. He liked me...I liked him... :). It was pretty easy for us because we knew where we were headed and exactly what we wanted for our relationship. All I knew was that I wanted nothing more than to be with him. I couldn't imagine myself with anyone else. 

Indeed, He is God's greatest gift to me. I have the strongest conviction that we are gonna have an absolutely amazing life together. He is the most amazing, caring, lovable and sweetest person I know. I love his resilience...He is a 'go-getter' to the core. I have never met someone so determined and unstoppable. He doesn't rest till he gets what he wants. I am so excited because soon I will be marrying my lover, my confidante, and  my best friend! 
We are just getting warmed up! It's gonna be turnt!
 Lani's Story
And it so happened that one day while scrolling through my Instagram timeline, I came across a photo of a certain young lady, elegantly poised, with a bright, warm, friendly smile on her face. She innocently posed for a happy photo with her cousin who was visiting her in the UK. In that very moment, the Holy Spirit ministered to me (just as angel Gabriel appeared to Mary with the good news) “my son, my son the lady you see in that picture is the answer to all your prayers”. On receiving the good news, I acted fast like an obedient son that I am and that was how it all started. :) 
Knowing and growing closer to Yewande has been life changing. I'm not going to say 'wind beneath my wings' because that could be used against me for the rest of my life, but she has indeed made me a better person. I love her with all my heart and look forward to the day I call her my wife. Yes, I know, much shorter than hers, I'm an IT guy, not a writer okay!

God Wants You To Believe in Him

Jacob took five punches in the face and an uppercut, he lost his balance as blood mixed with sweat and saliva flew from his mouth, he wanted to quit but he looked at his coach, that man had done so much for him, he couldn't let him down.
Jacob stood up and the crowd cheered, he didn't know where the strength came from but in 5 minutes, Jacob knocked out his opponent and won the boxing match. He was now the boxing heavy weight champion of the world.
As he posed for pictures, journalists approached him and asked how he could stand up after the uppercut that nearly knocked him out. Jacob said "my coach believes so much in me and he has invested so much, I will do anything not to let him down"
Beloved, have you ever had anyone believe so much in you? It's hard to let down those kind of people, you never want to disappoint them.
If we as human beings feel so strongly about those who believe in us, how do you think God feels about those who believe and trust Him? Psalm 25:3 (NLT) says No one who trusts in you will ever be disgraced.

Oh, God is excited, He tells all the angels, "that my son believes in me and trusts Me, I am going to do something spectacular in his life, I will do more than he can imagine" this is how God feels about those who trust in Him and that explains why the bible says in Hebrews 11:6 (NLT) And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him ‪#‎must‬ believe that God exists and that He ‪#‎rewards‬ those who sincerely seek him.
If you want to experience speed and the best life has to offer, trust God for them and spend time in His presence, faith to believe God only comes when you hear the word of God, you must be full of the Word and it will be clear to all that only God can do the kind of things that will begin to happen in your life.
What impossible situation are you in right now? Get your pastor's teaching, read your bible, turn to a channel on TV where the Gospel is being preached and as you do, your faith in God will grow and if you let go and trust God, He will sort out that situation in a way you can never imagine. Dare to believe God and watch your life soar like an eagle.
My 20 year dream is to see the Gospel preached to a billion people through the social media. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. 
Thank you for reading. Shalom

If The Devil Wanted To destroy You, What Would He Do?

"Have you observed that young Christian in that office, he prays all the time and he also fasts, he doesn't go a day without reading his bible so I can't send demon fear and demon doubt, I need to do something because he will turn everybody in that office to that Name! What shall we do?"
Demon distraction and demon lust stood up and said "we will try, we notice that he is struggling in the area of women so we will send many women to distract him" Satan clapped and said "good idea, do that immediately"

Peter got to work on Monday morning and his phone began to ring. It seemed like all the girls he used to have an affection suddenly started liking him. All of them were calling to check up on him even some of his colleagues were giving him inviting looks, he was feeling like the man of the moment when the Holy Spirit whispered to him and said "it's a distraction, stay focused". Peter began to speak in tongues and he suddenly understood what was going on, he paralyzed the spirit of distraction and lust and the calls stopped coming as abruptly as they started.
Beloved, the devil never appears as a monster with two horns, he will appear as something you love! If you have a problem with drinking, suddenly you could get a job at a brewery, if you were struggling with money issues, you could get a job at a place where they give lots of bribes. If you are a married man, you could start craving an ex girlfriend or another woman. If you have anger issues, you could have a boss who annoys you all the time.
Ask yourself this question; if the devil wanted to destroy me what would he do? Be wary of those sins that you easily fall for, the devil wants to set you up, he wants to stop your voice and destroy your purpose. Be smart and sensitive! May God help us all in Jesus name. Amen
My 20 year dream is to see the Gospel preached to a billion people through the social media. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. 
Thank you for reading. Shalom

Marriage Through The Eyes of A Young Christian Man

I had an interview with Eziaha Olojo, this great woman of God who is the blogger behind made me feel really honoured. I am sharing again on my blog. Enjoy...

When Eziaha spoke to me and told me so many nice things about myself, I was blushing!
*Hold that thought*So what exactly did I tell Wale that got him blushing?
A lil history first. I have never met Wale physically nor his beautiful wife Toyin but they are my BBM buds.
I frankly don’t recall how I met Wale but I know it has to be on a social media site. He has also featured me on his blog here. I recall telling my hubs after Wale told me he and his family were moving to The ‘Buj that at least I am sure of ONE young FAB Christian couple we could be friends with as most of the couples I knew were, well, one kain.

We talk occasionally and he is such a man of GREAT FAITH. It encourages me all the time. Then the way he talks about his wife is absolutely amazing. Both in the little things and in the big things. He literally ‘carries her on his head’ Hahaha. I knew I would want to feature Wale and Toyin on my blog but I had yet to find the perfect time, until now.
Btw, I want this to be a regular feature, where some other FAB person(s) get to feature on my blog. Suggestions for what it should be called? Please guys.
Ok on to the ‘nice things’. They are actually ‘little things’ but every one/wife/woman knows that it is the LITTLE things that make a BIG difference.
I connected with Toyin for the first time when she was pregnant in November ’14.All my plans to visit didn’t pull through. She had just moved to the ‘Buj following her husband’s transfer from Benin. Wale had come earlier alone to prepare for her coming so she had just joined him. I imagine that she left a life behind and followed hubby. I don’t even recall what Wale and I were talking about but I guess I was trying to find out how well she was settling in especially as she didn’t exactly have people here. And he said something like‘…No, she is not working. I GOT HER A JOB to keep her busy but she decided against it because she would soon put to bed so didn’t think there was any need…’
Sounds small abi? But when you have packed your bags and followed your hubby across the Nation and are bored in a city without friends and are pregnant and home alone and the man is proactive and thoughtful enough to do the work of looking for and getting you a job to keep you busy because you don’t really know your way around town enough to job hunt, you would REALLY know what I mean. It is not so much the job but the fact that ‘my wife’s welfare and happiness is MY RESPONSIBILITY.’ Trust me guys, an average man would NOT.
Second thing was after Toyin had put to bed. Btw I love this line from his birthday message to her…
‘…I was there at the labour room when you were giving birth to our princess, you stayed strong and pushed her out without any complications whilst looking as beautiful as ever. Thank you for giving me this beautiful, feisty princess…
Ehen, so again I don’t recall what we were talking about but it had to do with how they were doing since Dumdum their daughter appeared especially as me I was getting set to pop, and he said something like "The work is too much for her. I am looking for a good help for her. This is like the third one we have gotten…I had to ask, but she just gave birth under 3months ago na and he was likeYes, but the first was this, second this, third that…You could just see a man that was not ready to have his wife die from house and baby work lol. Trust me, I was swooned. A lot of people don’t understand that a baby is a trailer load of work. Add house work to that and even a good woman can get depressed without any/much help EVEN IF SHE IS A FULL TIME STAY AT HOME MOM. (Any body wonder why househelps are PAID?) I for one knew Dumdum was nursing exclusively so I KNOW first-hand how much work it would have been for Toyin.
You could FEEL it, that Wale needed a good help like yesterday to relieve Toyin, and if it meant we get 50 until we get the right one, NO WAHALA!!! And he was going to be INVOLVED.
Trust me darlings, it is a HUGE deal.
It was the day he told me that he met his wife on FACEBOOK and the story behind their courtship, proposal and wedding that I knew I wanted to feature them here.

Maybe someday I would feature that story on my blog or maybe he will feature it on his own blog and I will share the link here. Wale knows how to celebrate his wife mehn
But today, I wanted him to just talk about his marriage
Enjoy, unedited…
When Eziaha spoke to me and told me so many nice things about myself, I was blushing!
Glory to God! It still feels like a dream that I am married and I have a princess. It is a lot of responsibility but God has been faithful.
My wife is a very loveable woman, she is so easy to get along with, I believe I am the difficult one and we have our moments like all couples. I need a lot of grace when it comes to patience; I am the shouter and the horn blarer, I am the door banger with a tongue like a whip, I guess the good thing is we never sleep over any offence, we always settle. Many times I would go out of the room and she would call me a coward for running away from arguments but I always come back to the room, never liked the couch and also because I am so intertwined with my wife and daughter. I feel homesick if I am away for more than 2 days. I can’t take any job that will take me away from my family, they are too crucial and too important, no job or amount of money is worth it.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

iTestify (Day 7 of 7) My COZA Experience

The Holy Spirit inspired me to share 7 testimonies of His goodness in my life  everyday for the next 7 days. I believe many people will be blessed by them.

I will never forget the first time I heard Pastor Biodun preach, that was the day my life changed forever. It was the most depressing period of my life because nothing was working and I decided to follow my sister to COZA; services used to hold then at the Ambience Hall.

I had never seen any church look so beautiful with wallpaper and TVs on every wall and I had never seen a gathering of so many young, beautiful, successful and classy people who loved God passionately. What was common was that if you were young and successful, you would be at the club, only those with problems and challenges were supposed to be at church. Yet here was all of these young and well to do people pouring out their love and serving God.

 I had some friends among them one of which was Damola Sijuade, the Ife prince, he would drive to church in a Mercedes GL 500 and I used to look at him and I thought to myself if all these people loved God and served Him faithfully then something was wrong with me for staying away from God!

When Pastor Biodun showed up, I was blown away. He was wearing a Ralph Lauren purple label jacket; those Blazers with their crests was all the rave back then. I had never seen any man of God look so good! Then he began to preach about 'Ebenezer, My Stone of Help' the anchor scripture was Isaiah 50:7 'For God has helped me, I will not be dismayed, I will not be confounded, I have set my face like a flint, I will not be put to shame. That was the day my life changed forever.

Pastor Biodun presented God to me in a way nobody had done before. I couldn't wait to get to church every Tuesday and Sunday, I was like a junkie hooked on the word of God and when the opportunity came to become a worker, I jumped at it! If you are a worker in COZA, you belong to one of the most blessed people on the face of the earth (I mean these words).

At the COZA workforce, we were taught discipline and honor for God. You dare not come late to church, if you don't go late to work why would you come late to church? If you don't dress anyhow to work, why would you dress shabbily to church? Serving God is work and God pays for what He orders for. You cannot be in a moving train and be on a spot. Your phone should be switched off during service, everything you do must be excellent. Prayer, worship and bible study was inculcated to me. I learnt a lot!

My life began to change, I went from skinny jeans to slim fit suits and ties and my results also changed as well. After listening to my pastor, I began to feel the urge to share some of what  I had learned on social media, that's how I started posting every morning on Facebook 5 years ago.

Whenever I had any challenge, I would walk up to Pastor Biodun or Pastor Modele and they would pray. There has been no problem that has come my way that a word from my pastors have not been able to solve. Over the house Pastor Biodun and Pastor Modele declared "You will not see wind, you will not see rain yet this valley will be filled with water, the house issue will be sorted out without any stress" and that was exactly what happened!

Most mentors make you feel like they know everything and you know nothing but Pastor Biodun is different. Pastor Biodun looked at me at the HEIGHT of my challenges when everything was crazy and there was no way out and he said "Wale I believe in you" Wow! My pastor is a heavy weight, everything he has ever said about COZA on that stage has happened! I remember when Dr. Mike Murdock was in Nigeria in July and he suddenly stopped and said "before I forget, Benny Hinn says I should say hello to you". This same man that is celebrated by all the God's Generals all over the world believes in me!

After that day, I saw myself differently, my pastor is worth a billion men to me and those words became like a garrison to me, it confirmed what I already knew and I made up my mind to be more devoted and committed to God.

If there is anything you admire about me, it's because I learnt from the best of the best, I learned from Pastor Biodun and Pastor Modele and as good parents, they cheer you on, when you are unsure, they tell you to press on and they let you know that success is inevitable.

Meeting these people changed my life forever. I pray for all my readers that God will connect you with people who will change your life for good. God will not come down from heaven, He will use men, may God use men for you in Jesus name!

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My 20 year dream is to see the Gospel preached to one billion people all over the world through the Social Media. You too can become a Social Media Evangelist, please share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you were blessed. Thank you for reading, I celebrate you and God bless you.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

iTestify (Day 6 of 7)

The Holy Spirit inspired me to share 7 testimonies of His goodness in my life everyday for the next 7 days. I believe many people will be blessed by them.

In 2012, I got a job that took me out of Abuja to Benin and for the next two years, I lived and worked in Benin. The office got us this gorgeous 5 bedroom duplex, everything I needed was in that house.
Things went well until I started clashing with my supervisor, there was the issue of one of our clients whom she lied on and I wrote to the head office and before I knew what was happening, the gist was that I was interested in her job and that was the reason for the letter I wrote. It was just very challenging getting along with this woman, we clashed a lot!
Long story short, the ED at the time felt I was too dangerous to be in Benin because one of our board members lived there and she feared that I could talk to him. To punish me and stop my voice, they decided to transfer me back to Abuja with just a week's notice without any provision for transportation or accommodation, they called it a disciplinary transfer. They gave us 3 months to quit the official residence and my wife was 7 months pregnant at the time.
The Holy Spirit had told me earlier that I was going back to Abuja and I told my wife but I did not know it would come the way it did. Ladies and gentlemen, Abuja is not a place you come to without proper arrangements, rent is crazy expensive !
To live in a good house at a good location in Abuja, you must have one of two things, you must have money or be a man of faith. In my case, I didn't have money but I had faith. God had kept me in beautiful houses all my life, He would not stop now.
The major challenge was how to move my wife to Abuja, I didn't have the money to get a decent apartment but I had the Holy Spirit who was giving me instructions. I remember getting to COZA on the day I got back to Abuja, I had not been to Abuja in a year so I was very excited. Pastor Biodun began to preach about a new season and I received that word with my life.
The Holy Spirit also instructed me to sow into the life of those who shared testimonies about miracle houses and I began to do that. I hear people say things like "I tap into your testimony"you don't tap with your mouth, you tap with a seed!
After 3 weeks, I got a call from my brother to come and see his apartment. He and his fiancée were planning to get married and they had rented this beautiful 3 bedroom and since they wouldn't be needing it immediately, my wife and I could move in. Wow! Jesus had done it again! In just 3 weeks, I was able to move my very pregnant wife to Abuja. Back at the office, everyone had been watching to see how I would survive but they were shocked, they gave us 3 months to quit the house in Benin but God took us out of there in 3 weeks!
With my wife in Abuja, I could focus on raising money to get a decent apartment. You see, I hate small houses, I grew up in a beautiful 6 bedroom duplex built on 3 storeys, my father never built a small house. All our houses were huge that was how I lived for the first 21 years of my life and when we moved to Abuja in 2005 and I saw the 3 bedroom, I was disappointed but in Abuja, living at Wuse 2 meant you were paying good money and when my father died in 2010, God still kept me in beautiful houses at choice locations. I was not looking for a one bedroom even though that was what the money I had could afford but I discovered Phillipians 4:19 which says God has met my needs according to His riches ! Not my salary, not my effort but His riches!
I have big plans for my family all of which can only happen by faith. I have no interest in building a family what I want to build is a dynasty and I must be able to give certain biblical keys to my wife and children on how to make money the Kingdom way and to live God's best. I can only preach what has worked for me. I want to really appreciate my wife at this stage, I don't know many women who you can tell about faith when it has to do with getting a very much needed house but this woman was supportive all the way. We agreed in faith and prayer that we would only settle for God's best.
As we released our faith, we decided to start buying house things. The first was to make a bed, the office provided everything in the past so now our mattress was on the floor. I contacted a furniture person and he said he would make a good bed for 70,000 Naira and I paid but then the man called back and said he couldn't do it at that price any longer so I wanted to save the money. The Holy Spirit asked me to sow the money and to write on the cheque what I wanted so I wrote "3 bedroom apartment at Kado and C Class 2010". I went to church and I dropped the seed.
Somehow, money just kept on entering and we began to buy house things. I was expecting God's best so I made the grandest furniture I could afford. When you make a 7 seater you are not expecting a small apartment.
Month after month, we kept believing God for our own apartment whenever we saw any apartment that we liked we would release our faith for it. 3 bedroom apartments in the area we desired cost at least 2 million and above. We were not bothered because even if we could not pay for it, God could pay for it!
People began to ask questions and to advise us to just find a small place and move in. I was so depressed one day and rather than complain I began to worship, the Holy Spirit spoke to me clearly and said "stop looking for a house, I got this covered" and I told my wife. It sounded irresponsible but that's what He said!
Nobody in my family understood why we were buying house things when we didn't have a house. Some said the money we used to buy all the furniture and electronics was enough for a one room apartment but I knew what the Holy Spirit told me and I had peace!
My brother's apartment is a 3 bedroom apartment in a block of 9 flats, 3 on each row. They are newly built and very beautiful and of course the rent is 2.1 million per year. I got back from work last week Friday and I discovered the lady on the ground floor was packing out, she was the last to move in and she was packing out, she still had 6-7 months rent left and she was leaving. Something told me to go and see her and I did. She had moved everything! She said she had to move back to Enugu state and she was not spending another night in the house. I told her I was interested in the apartment and right there, we worked out a deal! She called the agents and handed the apartment over to me at a ridiculous price!
We are moving in by the weekend by God's grace. We had bought almost everything we needed for an apartment it's just couple of things left like a 40 inch TV for the sitting room which should be here today by God's grace and the ACs for our room and the sitting room. At the moment we are remodeling the house to our taste. Awesome God!
I want to encourage someone, the word of God is true and valid! Hold on to it! Don't let it go, you can take that word to the bank! Believe whatever the Holy Spirit tells you, your faith is the most powerful currency in the world, if it will take God to move mountains, He will!
Someone may be thinking; how do you intend to pay 2 million next year? I don't because I have bigger plans! The Holy Spirit is already telling me about my own house so by the time the rent is up, we are moving into our own house. I have seen God do amazing things in the last 2 months so I don't doubt it! It's a new season, it's a new day! Glory to God!
My 20 year dream is to see the Gospel preached to one billion people all over the world through the Social Media. You too can become a Social Media Evangelist, please share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you were blessed. Thank you for reading, I celebrate you and God bless you. 

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

iTestify (Day 5 of 7)

The Holy Spirit inspired me to share 7 testimonies of His goodness in my life everyday for the next 7 days. I believe many people will be blessed by them.
It was my wife's birthday in April and I wanted to do something special for her. She needed a new phone and she had never had a 18 carat gold chain before so I decided to surprise her with the two gifts. I knew that after I got those gifts, my salary would be over so I started thinking of what else I could do for the month that could bring extra income. Meanwhile, a friend of ours was coming from Dubai and I asked her to get me a bottle of Oud perfume which she did. I have always loved perfumes and the moment I found Oud, I was so sure I would never use another fragrance in my life. Suddenly an idea hit me and I decided to start selling Oud perfumes.
My Pastor would always tell you that you should never start anything without a seed. I started with 4 bottles of Oud and I sowed the first bottle of Oud. Few days later, I told my neighbour about the perfumes and he bought 2 and from that moment on, I was selling Oud perfumes every single day! The Holy Spirit inspired me to start celebrating my clients on social media and as I did that, sales increased. In just 3 months, I had sold over a million Naira worth of Oud perfumes!
I was studying my bible when the Holy Spirit began to tell me about multiplication, He gave me the idea to start getting distributors who would register and also have the opportunity to sell the perfumes, I wanted to lean back on it but the Holy Spirit said I should start immediately and I did. As Pastor B has taught me, the first registration fee was a seed as well. In just 2 months, I have 17 distributors and 80% of them made their money back and profits in less than a week!
God talks to me a lot about giving money to people but the thing was nobody had ever approached me and said God told them to give me money and I craved that experience. Recently God told me to put someone on my payroll; it means every month, the person gets paid by the money God sends through me. I walked up to the person and told him what God said, he was overjoyed! A month later, one of my mentors asked me to come and see him and he said "Wale, I like what you are doing and I want you to expand, travel to Dubai and establish a solid relationship with Oud perfume manufacturers". After that, he brought out his cheque book and wrote out a cheque of ONE MILLION NAIRA in my name! What!!!!!! Something must be wrong here, is this a dream??? I was dumbfounded, I just prostrated flat!
Ladies and gentlemen, beginning of this year, I was part of the presidential campaign and I worked hard, I felt that at least some mega money would come out but it was the most unprofitable venture I ever embarked on and here was this angel that I had not done ANYTHING for. He had never even sent me on an errand and he was giving me a million Naira! Gracious God!
I had registered my company and a business account two years ago but the account would always go dormant but now I paid the cheque to my business account and of course the first cheque I wrote out was my tithe. I went to Dubai and met the manufacturers, when they saw the pictures and all, they were excited, they said " how are you my friend? We like you, we do good business with you, we give you good discount, no problem, you send money, we cargo to Nigeria".
My Pastor prayed some dangerous prayers, he said, "Wale go and explode and takeover. Somebody gave COZA, 3 million Naira in 2008 and the money has not finished, this one million Naira will not finish". God has been faithful because business keeps coming in everyday! God can bless the work of your hands! If He did it for me, He will do it for you!

My 20 year dream is to see the Gospel preached to one billion people all over the world through the Social Media. You too can become a Social Media Evangelist, please share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you were blessed. Thank you for reading, I celebrate you and God bless you. 
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Monday, September 21, 2015

iTestify (Day 4 of 7)

The Holy Spirit inspired me to share 7 testimonies of His goodness in my life everyday for the next 7 days. I believe many people will be blessed by them.

When my daughter was born, my salary did not increase neither was I making more money than I made when it was just my wife and I. Now there was my wife and my daughter including myself to look after. When you are a husband and a father, the focus shifts from you to your wife and children; if you are looking all put together and your wife and children look wretched or lack anything then you have failed as a husband and father.

I love the fine things of life and it was important that I should be able to give my family the best. My newly born daughter should use the best nappies, she must have good clothes and quality jewelry (call it vanity but I will rather go hungry than let my daughter wear any jewelry that is not 18 or 24 carat gold). She is a princess and she deserves the very best.

All of these would cost money along with so many other expenses, the problem is the money was nowhere to be found. As is my custom, I talked to God and He gave me an instruction; "take the first money anybody gives you for your baby and lay it at the altar". I think the first money was ten thousand Naira but at that time, it looked like a million dollars! I had told my wife what God told me and we were in agreement. I remember kneeling down at the altar in COZA and telling God to bless me such that I could meet every need of my family according to His riches not my salary or my effort but His riches!

Ladies and gentleman, the miracle started! Money, clothes and baby stuff began to come in from all over the world. My wife would go out with our princess and strangers would give her money. God blessed the work of my hands and also kept all of us in beautiful clothes, jewellery, shoes and nappies for our princess. We have never had to use substandard nappies for our princess, God has kept us in the best of everything. 

Beloved, what instruction is God giving you? It may sound foolish but please do it! The bible describes God in Romans 16:27 as the only wise God. God knows more than you, put Him first and that little that you have will never finish. 

My 20 year dream is to see the Gospel preached to one billion people all over the world through the Social Media. You too can become a Social Media Evangelist, please share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you were blessed. Thank you for reading, I celebrate you and God bless you. 
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