Monday, September 28, 2015

If The Devil Wanted To destroy You, What Would He Do?

"Have you observed that young Christian in that office, he prays all the time and he also fasts, he doesn't go a day without reading his bible so I can't send demon fear and demon doubt, I need to do something because he will turn everybody in that office to that Name! What shall we do?"
Demon distraction and demon lust stood up and said "we will try, we notice that he is struggling in the area of women so we will send many women to distract him" Satan clapped and said "good idea, do that immediately"

Peter got to work on Monday morning and his phone began to ring. It seemed like all the girls he used to have an affection suddenly started liking him. All of them were calling to check up on him even some of his colleagues were giving him inviting looks, he was feeling like the man of the moment when the Holy Spirit whispered to him and said "it's a distraction, stay focused". Peter began to speak in tongues and he suddenly understood what was going on, he paralyzed the spirit of distraction and lust and the calls stopped coming as abruptly as they started.
Beloved, the devil never appears as a monster with two horns, he will appear as something you love! If you have a problem with drinking, suddenly you could get a job at a brewery, if you were struggling with money issues, you could get a job at a place where they give lots of bribes. If you are a married man, you could start craving an ex girlfriend or another woman. If you have anger issues, you could have a boss who annoys you all the time.
Ask yourself this question; if the devil wanted to destroy me what would he do? Be wary of those sins that you easily fall for, the devil wants to set you up, he wants to stop your voice and destroy your purpose. Be smart and sensitive! May God help us all in Jesus name. Amen
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Thank you for reading. Shalom

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