Friday, September 11, 2015

Don't Deny Jesus

"Our organisation is liberal, we don't employ managers with strong religious beliefs. So Mr. Taiwo are you a born again Christian?" Taiwo hesitated, he really needed this job and then he said "No, I am not, I am also a liberal person".
The interviewers smiled and said "welcome on board, we would like you to resume as soon as possible".

Taiwo left the office and felt a deep sadness within his heart, he had denied Christ to get a job, he who was a head of department in church. He consoled himself with the belief that he would bring Christ to the organisation; he truly needed the job.
Three months into the job, the director called Taiwo into the office and spoke glowingly about his performance in the last 3 months. He told him that all members of the organization's management must belong to a caucus called the Illuminati otherwise, he would never move beyond his present position and he would lose his job. Taiwo looked right into the eyes of his director and told him that he was a born again Christian and would never join the Illuminati.
The next day, Taiwo got a letter informing him that he was fired. He really needed the job but as he left the office, he felt an unexplainable kind of peace, it was like cool air on a very sunny day and it wrapped him up like a cloak. Taiwo knew everything would be alright from now on.
Beloved, everything that works is connected! Don't be fooled by the clothes and cars and Queen's English, there is a spiritual side to everyone. If they are not involved directly, somebody is doing things on their behalf. Man was created to yearn for the supernatural. Most people who try to tell you that the bible is not true and make you look as if you are a fundamentalist belong to one cult or the other. They do all sorts of things to get ahead!
Nothing should ever make you deny Jesus, even if they say your office is liberal, let it be clear through your acts that you are a Christian. Remember that Jesus said in Matthew 10:33 (NLT) but everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven.
That job, that relationship is not worth the price Jesus paid for you on the cross. As a matter of fact, any job or relationship that requires that you should deny Christ is not the right job, don't take it! I pray that Jesus will be Lord in every area of your life. Amen.
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