Tuesday, September 22, 2015

iTestify (Day 5 of 7)

The Holy Spirit inspired me to share 7 testimonies of His goodness in my life everyday for the next 7 days. I believe many people will be blessed by them.
It was my wife's birthday in April and I wanted to do something special for her. She needed a new phone and she had never had a 18 carat gold chain before so I decided to surprise her with the two gifts. I knew that after I got those gifts, my salary would be over so I started thinking of what else I could do for the month that could bring extra income. Meanwhile, a friend of ours was coming from Dubai and I asked her to get me a bottle of Oud perfume which she did. I have always loved perfumes and the moment I found Oud, I was so sure I would never use another fragrance in my life. Suddenly an idea hit me and I decided to start selling Oud perfumes.
My Pastor would always tell you that you should never start anything without a seed. I started with 4 bottles of Oud and I sowed the first bottle of Oud. Few days later, I told my neighbour about the perfumes and he bought 2 and from that moment on, I was selling Oud perfumes every single day! The Holy Spirit inspired me to start celebrating my clients on social media and as I did that, sales increased. In just 3 months, I had sold over a million Naira worth of Oud perfumes!
I was studying my bible when the Holy Spirit began to tell me about multiplication, He gave me the idea to start getting distributors who would register and also have the opportunity to sell the perfumes, I wanted to lean back on it but the Holy Spirit said I should start immediately and I did. As Pastor B has taught me, the first registration fee was a seed as well. In just 2 months, I have 17 distributors and 80% of them made their money back and profits in less than a week!
God talks to me a lot about giving money to people but the thing was nobody had ever approached me and said God told them to give me money and I craved that experience. Recently God told me to put someone on my payroll; it means every month, the person gets paid by the money God sends through me. I walked up to the person and told him what God said, he was overjoyed! A month later, one of my mentors asked me to come and see him and he said "Wale, I like what you are doing and I want you to expand, travel to Dubai and establish a solid relationship with Oud perfume manufacturers". After that, he brought out his cheque book and wrote out a cheque of ONE MILLION NAIRA in my name! What!!!!!! Something must be wrong here, is this a dream??? I was dumbfounded, I just prostrated flat!
Ladies and gentlemen, beginning of this year, I was part of the presidential campaign and I worked hard, I felt that at least some mega money would come out but it was the most unprofitable venture I ever embarked on and here was this angel that I had not done ANYTHING for. He had never even sent me on an errand and he was giving me a million Naira! Gracious God!
I had registered my company and a business account two years ago but the account would always go dormant but now I paid the cheque to my business account and of course the first cheque I wrote out was my tithe. I went to Dubai and met the manufacturers, when they saw the pictures and all, they were excited, they said " how are you my friend? We like you, we do good business with you, we give you good discount, no problem, you send money, we cargo to Nigeria".
My Pastor prayed some dangerous prayers, he said, "Wale go and explode and takeover. Somebody gave COZA, 3 million Naira in 2008 and the money has not finished, this one million Naira will not finish". God has been faithful because business keeps coming in everyday! God can bless the work of your hands! If He did it for me, He will do it for you!

My 20 year dream is to see the Gospel preached to one billion people all over the world through the Social Media. You too can become a Social Media Evangelist, please share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you were blessed. Thank you for reading, I celebrate you and God bless you. 
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