Friday, August 16, 2013

Watch Amena Brown's "You"

Hello everyone, I thought you should see this video, I came across it for the first time two years ago and it still blows my mind. Her name is Amena Brown and she is so talented, I hope to do what she does someday. Enjoy...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Former Victoria Secret model launches gospel clothing line

Kylie Bisutti, is a former Victoria Secret model and she just launched a new clothing line which she uses as a medium to preach the gospel; she quotes  bible verses on jeans,tops and accessories.
Bisutti hopes to reverse the current moral decline in schools and in the society.
She says the purpose of using Bible verses on clothes is not only to spread the gospel but the company says it could also be the first introduction to God's word for some children. She calls her brand 'God Inspired Fashion'. What are you doing to promote Jesus?

De Covenant Testifies!

De Covenant is one of the fastest growing gospel groups in Nigeria today, very anointed, very energetic and passionate. 
 I hooked up with Lawrence Enweriku Chidi and Isaac Obiova, the founders of the De Covenant recently and they shared on how the group started and the status of gospel music in Nigeria.Isaac also shared that he is engaged and will be getting married sometime this year. Congrats in advance.

Excerpts... : How did De Covenant start?
By the grace of God, we were led to begin, we started in 2010, by September 25, 2013,we will be three years old.  We have been singing from childhood, we are very close family friends. What do you think Gospel artists need to do; there is so much difference in terms of music quality and creativity between the gospel artists and the secular artists? 
De Covenant; The first question we should ask the gospel artists is are they singing because they love God or they are singing because they want money?  Most gospel artists today are not born again, we only have a few of them that are sound, who know what they are doing, only few can place what they do side to side with the scripture, a lot of them just want to sing.  

What is reigning now is that gospel artists are trying to copy secular artists. Everybody is doing dancehall, the thing is people are supposed to copy from us because music started from the church and the guys who are doing good music secularly are from the church.  Take for instance, Terry G and Dbanj, they started from the church but today, we see that the church wants to copy them so we have lost it just like the scripture says, “they only have the form of godliness but they deny the power”.; How lucrative is gospel music?
De Covenant; Somebody once said when you have God, you have gold, you can’t serve God and not be served.  We enjoy gospel music and I love what I do, I don’t do what I do because of what I want to get.  We are not doing gospel music because of money, but we are doing gospel music to fulfill purpose and destiny.  The bible says, “The husband man that laboureth shall be the first partaker of the fruit.” If you have labored, God who has given you the vision is more than able to also make the provision to run the vision.  That is our philosophy about life and we can tell you that The Covenant is not set up because we want to make money.  It’s not a profit making music band, we are an outreach band called to bless people, reach out to the unreached, the motherless and the fatherless. We know something for sure, if we do this, we can’t lack.  You can’t give and not get.

In the gospel world today, you call a group to come and perform in your church and the first thing they are asking you is how much you are going to pay.  For me it’s funny, they say its packaging and class.  Some of them who hear what I am saying will say I am being too spiritual, the truth is this; if you give God all, God is more than able to make all grace abound to you, that’s why we are shining.
The bible says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness” and everything you need in life will just follow. That’s my philosophy.; When are you getting married?
Isaac of De Covenant ; I am engaged and will be getting married sometime in the year. ; Thank you very much for your time.