Friday, February 27, 2015

Tosin & Damilare; True Love

True love stands the test of time, it doesn't matter if distance or time seperates you, it doesnt matter if you don't see each other in years, your heart will still beat as one and the moment you see each other again, it would be as if nothing ever changed.

That is the reality of Tosin and Damilare, these beautiful, stylish couple met in 2003 at Tosin's matriculation in Bowen University and they became best friends, they started dating in 2010 but Damilare had to travel to the UK for his Msc in 2010 and he did not come back finally till 2014. 

In those four years; 2010-2014, Damilare saw Tosin only once when he came home in 2013 yet the love remained strong and Tosin, though one of the sweetest, most stylish women I have ever met did not look the other way, she kept her heart against all odds till Damilare came briefly to Nigeria in 2013 and proposed to Tosin on his birthday on October 24, 2013.

Tosin and Damilare will be getting married on April 17 and 18th 2015. I am so proud of you guys (cleans eyes and blows into tissue paper). Enjoy their pre wedding pictures...