Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Apostle Lawrence Achudume Testifies

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you the testimony of Apostle Lawrence Achudume, a man who carries the anointing of the Holy Spirit to raise the dead, heal the sick and also to mentor the leaders of Nigeria in fulfilling God’s will for our great nation.
Apostle Lawrence Achudume is the Overseer of Victory Life Bible Church; a fast growing church located in Abeokuta with branches in many countries of the world. Our meeting was by chance but I have no doubt it was ordained by God. I want to thank Pastor Benson Akhigbe of Firm Foundation for making this interview possible.

In this interview, he shared on his ministry, marriage, Boko Haram and God’s plan for Nigeria. Excerpts…; You planned to be a politician, how did God call you?
Apostle Lawrence Achudume: It happened during my prayer and fasting on how to change Nigeria having seen all forms of oppression and evil, injustices done to the weak in the society. My initial dream was that if the military was still in power by the time I graduated, I would go to Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) become a captain and be involved in whatever coup that would be planned and if it was politics, I would be involved. I got involved in politics; NPN many years ago. The dream was to have a better society and a better Nigeria.
It was in the course of praying and fasting that God said to me, ‘Go and raise a people that will be and not you’ that’s how the ministry came about.  I struggled with it for some time; different prophecies came in the course of people praying for me because of my ill health. Many people I never even shared the vision with told me God said I had not obeyed the call to ministry. From that day, I decided to obey, I got up and I moved and the sickness disappeared.; Your ministry’s headquarter began in Itoku Abeokuta which was a demonic stronghold; how did God takeover that place for you?

Apostle Lawrence Achudume: When I got back to Abeokuta, I had to start looking for a venue; we saw this ancient building which was supposed to be the first king’s palace in Abeokuta, I went to negotiate although I had no dime in my hand to pay for it. The Alhaja who owned the building agreed we should come and pay; I told her I would come and pay in two weeks yet there was no money in my hands. The day I was to leave from Lagos to Abeokuta, people came from nowhere and told me God had asked them to give me money, before I knew it, the entire amount was completed, I paid and we started.
Nobody believed I would survive, they thought I would die in that building because they saw the building as a dangerous building and no church had survived in that area before we came to that area of Itoku actually called Ita-Oku.  The church began to grow until I gave a prophecy, ‘Thus saith the Lord, this building will be destroyed and there will be a flyover build over this place’. People never believed the prophecy then but today the building has been destroyed and there is a flyover being built there now.
God has done amazing things in our ministry, dead bodies have been raised and all manner of miracles. ;Can you share some of your great faith moments with us?

Apostle Lawrence Achudume: There are so many; people never believed we would get to where we are now, they never gave me the chance to succeed, they believed my ministry would soon fold up. In fact, a pastor once told me that my anointing was kerosene anointing that when the kerosene is over, it will quench but today, we are still moving.
I never believed in asking or begging for money, I believed God would provide and to His glory, we have never asked anybody for money. We have always trusted that God would supply and meet our needs. Whatever we have so far have been miraculous. ; How did you meet your wife?

Apostle Lawrence Achudume: We met during NYSC in Kaduna, she was my assistant general secretary and I was general secretary of the Christian corpers fellowship along the line, one thing led to another and before you knew it, we were engaged and got married in 1992. So we are still serving together since then.; There is so much divorce in the church today, what is going on?

Apostle Lawrence Achudume: I wouldn’t want to say it’s the American influence, its just man’s insatiable desire for new things. Sometimes a man wants to have a taste of another woman, he may give it a different name, irreconcilable differences or whatever but my stand is that God hates divorce and whatever God hates, I shouldn’t like it too. There are no differences that cannot be reconciled, I don’t believe in divorce and I preach against divorce, once you are married, you are married whatever the problem, it can be resolved.; What is God’s plan for Nigeria?

Apostle Lawrence Achudume: I have always said it that Nigeria is one of the greatest countries on earth. We have our challenges, the issue of terrorism is not a Nigerian issue, it’s a global one, the economic meltdown is a global issue. Nigeria is a country that will yet rule other nations of the world, our leaders may be bad but a time is coming when we will have true leaders who are not greedy or selfish who want to render service to people and I see that happening so soon.  I have travelled a bit by the grace of God yet I have not seen a nation blessed with as much human and natural resources as Nigeria; Nigeria is a great nation even in the midst of bad leaders, Nigeria is still a great nation. We expect our political leaders to be more upright, its true many of them are corrupt but not all are corrupt, corruption is also a global and not a Nigerian problem, its just that we have emphasized corruption more than the good things of the nation.
God loves Nigeria, Dele Giwa many years ago wrote in the then Concord newspaper, ‘God is a Nigerian’, I believe God is a Nigerian. Nigeria has a lot of prayerful Christians so things will improve and the church will keep rising. Boko Haram will soon die off, it won’t last long at all. ; Thank you so much for your time sir

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