Friday, July 24, 2015

Be The Kind of Person You Want To Marry

Damon's shoki moves was the best in all of Dusk Till Dawn Night Club, everyone gathered around and began to hail "Go Damon, Go Damon" when the music was over everyone clapped for him. After the dance was the best part of every Friday night for Damon; the ladies wanted to talk to him. He would quickly search out the one who was very smitten by him and they would end up on his bed, they were just one night stands, he never picked their calls again because he didn't want them to start catching feelings and getting all over him.
He could never marry any of those girls, when he was ready, he would go to church and find a woman who was a prayer warrior, that is the kind of woman he would marry, not the ones he picks up every Friday night.
Two years later, Damon wanted to settle down and just like he planned, he looked for a church where lots of young,pretty ladies attended and became a member. He didn't really care about what the pastor was saying,all he was looking for were the most spiritual ladies he could see; he was looking for the lady who had her eyes shut, who was praising and praying vigorously.
He finally found one, she was dressed decently, not a single bit of flesh was exposed on her body and with the way she danced and prayed, she must really love God. Damon smiled and decided to make his move.
"God bless you woman of God, what side of town are you headed? It would be my pleasure to drop you off" Her name was Sandra and she lived quite close to Damon. They started coming to church together and seeing more of each other. In six months, they were engaged and in a year, they were married. Damon was overjoyed, he had the woman of his dreams and they would live happily ever after.
Three years quickly went by without a baby, Damon got restless and decided that a thorough medical test be conducted on him and his wife. It was then that the doctor informed Damon that his wife had no womb and there was no hope that she would ever be pregnant or have a child. Damon felt like someone poured hot water all over him.
Damon got home and threw the report at Sandra. Sandra began to cry and the story poured out of her. She had been a prostitute in Italy for 5 years, the many abortions destroyed her womb and then she became a christian and began to trust God for a husband and a family. She felt like Damon was God's answer to her and she did not tell him about her womb because she was expecting God to do a miracle.
Damon did not know what to do, he got into his car and began to cry as he sped away. He finally realised that he could not cheat God.
This is a message for all the men who live careless lives and who expect to marry one of God's special daughters who have served God faithfully all their lives. You are in for a big shock! You will marry your kind, you can deceive people and the pastors but not God. The bible says that whatever a man sows is what he will reap.
Be the kind of person you want to attract and God will send him or her your way. Adam called Eve, "the flesh of my flesh and the bone of my bones" they were made of the same stuff. You must be a good man to attract a good woman, your character is the seed you sow to attract the kind of woman you desire. May God help us all. Amen.
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Jesus is Lord. Shalom

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