Thursday, July 16, 2015

Don't Rejoice Over Your Enemy

Sister Jane: My friend I have gist for you, do you know that Janet, that girl that leads praise and worship, she is pregnant for brother Sam
Sister Lois: hmm, nawa o, why won't she get pregnant, she will be rolling her eyes and dancing like Beyonce in front of the whole church, she snatched brother Sam from me now God has caught her. I knew she was not spiritual, she's a carnal christian, she just has a nice voice. When I see her I will so much laugh at her.
Few days later, Sister Lois got a text message from her fiancee Joshua whom she had been dating for 3 years informing her that he was no longer interested in their relationship because of certain things he discovered about her past before she became a christian.
He had met a colleague who told him how wayward Sister Lois used to be in the past and how he knew of at least 2 pregnancies she had aborted. Joshua could not trust her any longer because she didn't tell him about her past.
Lois was devastated but all her pleas fell on deaf ears, she had to start again. How would she tell her friends? Everyone would definitely laugh at her just like she had laughed at Janet.
The bible says in Proverbs 24:17-18
17Don’t rejoice when your enemies fall;
don’t be happy when they stumble.
18For the LORD will be displeased with you
and will turn his anger away from them.

Be careful of what you do when those who have offended you are being punished by God. Don't ever forget that you have your own sins too and you have offended others as well. If God were to judge you what would you do? God is a righteous God and He is a God of Justice, He has no favourites.
Whenever you see God deal with your enemies, be sober and quiet because it could be you tomorrow. Let your enemy's punishment be your wake up call, you are not any better. May God help us all.
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Jesus is Lord. Shalom

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