Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Envy Kills!

Funke hugged Tola and screamed "I am getting married, he just proposed!". Funke was jumping all over the room, she was so excited. Tola felt as though someone punched her in the stomach, she wanted to throw up but she immediately feigned a smile and pretended as though she was happy for her sister.
As Tola hugged Funke, she was thinking of what to do, how can her younger sister marry before her, she who used to bath the girl when she was a baby, now she was getting married. She would have to do something about it; she would go and see baba.

Early the next morning, Tola set off for the village. As she entered baba's house, she began to cry "baba save me from these oppressors, there is a woman who snatched my boyfriend, now they are getting married, baba, that marriage must not work o, scatter them".
Baba laughed, "put your mind at rest, all you have to do is to bring 50,000 and talk to the money, leave the rest to me". Tola immediately brought out the money and talked passionately to the money then she handed it to baba. As baba began to speak incantations and to invoke Funke's name, baba 's building caught fire and they had to run out.
"You this foolish girl, why didn't you tell me she was a powerful woman? I saw giants warning me to stay away from her, take your money and get out".
Tola was sad but decided she would try another spiritualist, it was while she was thinking of how to poison Funke that a car hit her and she died on the spot. The driver escaped before anyone could catch him.
Beloved, don't be envious or jealous of people, your friend's blessing is your prophecy. If God has blessed someone around you with anything you desire, rejoice with them and even sow into their lives because it means your blessing is at the corner. Don't try to put people down or harm them because you feel they are no longer at your level. God is faithful to everybody, your time will come, your rain will fall. Happy new month.
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Jesus is Lord. Shalom

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