Monday, July 27, 2015

The Attitude of Fashion by Allahandro

One of the mandates of this blog is to promote men and women who are doing business God's way. We recently hooked up with Chijioke Chibu-Ugwusor of Allahandro fashion and he decided to share some of his work with us and also tell us about himself. Enjoy...

MyTestimonysBlog: How did you start Allahandro?  

Allahandro: The journey started after NYSC in  2012, I was in stage 3 of a bank interview process and  I came to church on a midweek service and mummy Adejumo spoke about starting your own thing; that word was for me so I decided to train as a fashion designer, after which I started Allahandro.

MyTestimonysBlog: What inspires your design?

 Allahandro: God and my environment. The things I see around me are major influences in my design.

MyTestimonysBlog: How has it been so far being an entrepreneur?

Allahandro: It’s been good and challenging. I learn with every experience I get

MyTestimonysBlog:What is in vogue for men and women?

Allahandro: For men, it’s the age of smart looks, straight pants and patterned prints and for women it’s easy to wear clothes with details and patterns.

MyTestimonysBlog: Is there a special woman in your life?

Allahandro: LOL, No, I am single for now.

MyTestimonysBlog: Thank you for your time

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