Saturday, July 25, 2015

God's Delay is not Denial

Everything seemed to be going wrong for Matilda, when her friends got jobs, she was jobless, when they were getting married, she was single, when they were having babies, she didn't even have a husband talk less of a child, when they were travelling to Dubai for vacation, she couldn't afford it. 
Life seemed unfair yet Matilda was the prayerful one, she was the one who never missed church and who always lived right. She would cry to God many times to change her situation but it felt as if God did not hear her; as though all her prayers were going to heaven's voice mail.
Matilda stayed faithful despite her challenges and God decided to visit her. Elliot was a God made billionaire at 30, the only problem he had was finding the right woman to marry; every lady seemed to be all over him because of his money but he had been observing this lady called Matilda for 2 years and she was different from every other woman that he knew.  
Elliot got close to Matilda although he didn't reveal his true identity, he always showed up as a working class young man, they dated for a while and Elliot finally proposed. It was only after the proposal that Elliot came clean and told her that he was a billionaire and he decided to hide his true identity until he was sure she was the right person. 
Elliot and Matilda had the wedding of the year. Matilda became the envy of her friends, all of them wanted to be closer to her, they began to believe that Matilda was truly a child of God.

Beloved what is that delay in your life? Do you feel everyone has gone ahead of you and you are on a spot? Do you feel like God has abandoned you even though you love God and serve Him faithfully? I have come to tell you to relax and wait for God! He is working out a mind blowing testimony for you, when God comes late, He comes big! God is not deaf neither is he blind, He can see what you are going through.  Psalm 94:9 (ESV) says: He who planted the ear, does he not hear? He who formed the eye, does he not see?
God's delay is not denial, God wants everyone to see what you went through and how He  turned it around in your favour. Your testimony will win souls for Jesus, don't lose hope, your change will come! I want you to dance in church like never before because of what God is about to do, yes! Give Him advance praise! 

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Jesus is Lord. Shalom

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