Sunday, July 19, 2015

People Are Your Angels

Irene began to cry, her mascara formed thick black lines on her beautiful face. She got into her wine Mercedes GLK 350 and sped away. How could she have everything and have nothing?
Life was bitter sweet for Irene, she was a beauty queen, a showstopper, she had a long list of men asking for her hand in marriage but what none of them knew was that she had a problem; she was a bed wetter, she could not sleep off for 3 hours without wetting wherever she slept.
It had been her biggest secret and it was well protected, she had all kinds of nappies to protect her embarrassment but it was very saddening and a shame that she would never date any man as long as her problem persisted.
She had sought spiritual and medical help but no solution. As she got to her house, the gate man Jeremiah noticed that she was crying. Jeremiah owed his life to Irene, she was paying the fees of all his children and had even given him a house. "Madam wetin be the problem? Please tell me". Irene took a long look at Jeremiah and she poured everything out.
"Madam can you come and see my pastor?" Irene agreed. Pastor Kelvin was studying his bible when God began to tell him about a woman who would come to see him, he was to lead her to Christ and her problem would disappear. That was exactly what Pastor Kelvin did and Irene was miraculously healed.
Ladies and gentlemen, don't look down on anybody, whatever you are looking for is hidden in someone close to you, you are only a few people away from the answer to your prayers, God has stopped coming down from heaven,He will use men. Be careful how you treat people, you may have offended your helper of destiny.
God hid the deliverance of Israel in David, a shepherd boy, God hid the healing of Naman in his house girl, God hid the saviour of the world in the house of a carpenter. God has hidden the answer to your prayers in someone close to you. May God help us to be observant.
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Jesus is Lord. Shalom

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