Sunday, July 19, 2015

Grow Up!

" I, King Leonidas of the House of Reinhard, First of his name and Lord of the Seven Kingdoms hereby name my son Prince Lionel my rightful heir and I give to him all lands, gold and people of the Seven Kingdoms.
However, Prince Lionel must not be told that he is a prince and heir to the throne until he has proved by his character that he can be trusted with power. Prince Lionel will be raised by teachers, he should never be hungry but he should also not have more than enough, he must never lack a roof over his head but he should live in a modest house, he must  never be without money but he should have just enough to feed him everyday.
Prince Lionel will only ascend the throne when he has shown such virtues like humility, discipline, love for his enemies and friends and  above all love for his God; The God of Gods and the King of Kings. Only then will the Seven Kingdoms be entrusted to him, this is my word and my bond."

The bible says in Galatians 4:1 (ISV) 1Now what I am saying is this: As long as an heir is a child, he is no better off than a slave, even though he owns everything. 2Instead, he is placed under the care ofa guardians and servant managers until the time set by the father. 
The position God has placed you is to be master of all but you must grow up! You must be humble, you must be disciplined and you must give Him the glory. God cares about His name and because He is associated with you, people will either praise God or drag God's name in the mud by what you do.

 If everyone knew that you were a pastor and then God promotes you and you become a governor then you marry a second wife and start stealing government funds, you have just disgraced God and dragged His name in the mud because people know you are associated with Christ!
God wants to bless you beyond your wildest dreams, He doesn't want you to be an employee, He wants to give you your own company, He doesn't want you to be a tenant, He wants to give you your own house. Grow up! 
How do you know you are growing? When you look at the things you did yesterday and you know you could have done it better then you are growing up . When you see how you reacted to a problem and know that you could have reacted differently then you are growing up. When you think of those that hate you and make life miserable for you and you want to pray for them,  you are growing up, when you see God punishing your enemies and you are sober, then you know you are growing up . When God blesses you with money and you don't look at everyone as if you are better than them, that's how you know you are growing! May God help us all.
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Jesus is Lord. Shalom

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