Monday, February 22, 2016

Use Your Faith!

  "Ladies and gentlemen we are standing at the Valley of Elah and behind me is Goliath's headless body, a few hours ago, we witnessed the stuff of legends; how a 17 year old shepherd called David killed a war general with a stone and then used his sword to cut off his head. I have goosebumps all over and I am yet to recover! Standing with me is the young man David, please tell us how you did that?"

David looked at the journalist in a surprising way and smiled " I did not do anything, it was Yahweh, the Lord Of Hosts working through me, He could have used anybody but thank God He used me". "Wow, thank you for your time, I can hear the ladies singing about you, we will meet you for more interviews soon"

King David is an unforgettable man, his legacy will never die, even Jesus was called the son of David. What did this man do? What made him stand out so much? There are many dimensions to King David's life but we will discuss one; 

Faith: The study of his life has taught me that faith is the shortest route to success and answered prayers. At 17 he killed Goliath because he dared to believe, at 30, he was king and at 37, he ruled over all of Israel and took territories not even Moses or Joshua had ever taken.

God described David in 1 Samuel 13:14 as a man after his own heart. The bible tells us about the things that touch God's heart in Hebrews 11:6; For without faith, it is impossible to PLEASE God.

David dared to believe God for big things, he never looked at what he had, he focused on what God could do. He faced Goliath with only a stone, he didn't bother with a sword because he knew that God could breathe on that tiny stone and it could kill a 7 foot giant. 

Do you want to achieve results that none of your mates and even your father cannot ever imagine? Start to use your faith and trust God for the impossible. Whatever is impossible with men is possible with God, leave the realm of men and let your focus be on God who can do all things. 

The bible says in Jeremiah 32:27 (ESV) “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?

Focus on the God of all flesh who can do all things and you won't waste time. By 35, you could be the richest man on the earth! God says if you believe Him for it, He can make it happen for you! There are no limitations!

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