Sunday, February 21, 2016

God Wants To Use You!

  I once worked in an organization where our boss had a PHd, she was also a wife, mother, grandmother and an elderly woman. We were all excited that at last we may have found a boss who would finally do things right. 

We were totally wrong, her PHd was in psychology but this woman knew nothing about human behavior, she was the worst boss the organization ever had and the most insecure human being ever, she used to accuse her subordinates of trying to take her job and she would fight them in front of staff members. After a year, she was fired. 

I also had a supervisor who had an Hnd from a polytechnic, she was a single woman in her 40s and a control freak, she was the saddest, most manipulative and the most evil woman I ever met and when I researched on people who behaved like she did, people like her had a condition called Psychopathic Personality Disorder. She was also a very fetish and insecure person; I remember her bringing someone to the office to come and pray and they locked the door of the office. Normal prayers should not be secretive right?

There were tons of them like that; clueless people who got to positions of leadership and really messed things up and I used to wonder how these people got so far and so high. The last straw was a team that came together and called themselves a management team although they set somethings right, at the end of the day, these people were still as clueless as the rest, they didn't understand human behavior or how to make things better. Yet all of these people by the world's standards were accomplished and well educated people. 

That was when I decided to take my future in my hands and I thought to myself that if these people with all their obvious inadequacies could get so high then I would make it! I discovered that the world is a cold, selfish place and money is king. 

I discovered that age does not mean wisdom and I also discovered that one could have degrees as long as a thermometer and still be an illiterate, I discovered that common sense and wisdom was a rare commodity and that the world is full of leaders who are lame and blind;  leaders who are not going anywhere and who have no vision. 

The bible says in Job 32:8 (NLT) But there is a spirit within people, the breath of the Almighty within them, that makes them intelligent.

I decided to embrace God and rely on Him for wisdom and inspiration and God has been faithful. 

If you are a son and daughter of the Most High God. This is the year to switch and put your life in God's hands and trust Him for everything. Things will not get better at your office, it will only get worse because they are not the solution, YOU are the solution but the bad news is that unless God cares about that organization, people like you may never get to the top because they will resent the God in you. 

That's why God is calling you to start your own, to form an organization when money is not worshipped and Jesus is Lord, an organization where prayers are said day and night and it's a company policy to pay tithes, an organization that is truly concerned with the welfare of its staff. An organization where the bible is read and the spiritual is real. An organization with ideas downloaded from heaven and which will change the world. These are the organizations the world needs at the moment.

 God wants to use that which he has put in you to deliver you from bondage. Say "Yes" to God and let Him use you and He will! He took you to that place to learn, He wants to give you your own. This is the year for kingdom business and kingdom organizations. If you are willing, God will use you. 

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