Friday, February 19, 2016

Do You Know His Temperament?

"Pastor, if she doesn't apologise to me, this marriage is over, I will not stay with a woman who feels everything is a competition and she has to win all the time"

Fred and Gloria were ministers in church and over the years, they grew fond of each other because they were so alike, both of them had very strong personalities and they were both successful. They both liked the idea of being a power couple but they failed to realize that their temperaments would get in the way.

Gloria eventually apologised to Fred but she was unhappy because she didn't really want to apologise for insulting him and calling him names. Gloria and Fred are still together but their marriage is not a happy one.

One of the major factors in marriage is temperaments, if you are a strong willed man and you marry a woman with your kind of personality, that marriage may be headed for the rocks! You must know your temperament and the kind of man or woman that you are compatible with.

Save yourself from future pain and don't just marry a woman or man because of emotions and if God sent that woman to you,she will be the perfect temperament for you. Everyone should read Why You Act The Way You Do by Tim LaHaye.

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