Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Don't Be A Time Waster

#Day1 of 3: I am inspired to share on relationship till Valentine's Day.

Michelle tried to tidy up the mascara and tears running down her face. She was just so sad, why did most of her relationships have to end this way? She had been dating Miguel for 3 years, as far as she was concerned, she had found the man she would spend the rest of her life with but Miguel didn't think so, after three years he told her that he wasn't sure she was the one.

She had given this guy her best and this is what he had to say? She was heartbroken and depressed. Michelle made up her mind to move on, 3 months later, she met another guy and by the end of that year, Michelle was married.

Gentlemen, please do yourself a favor, if you have been dating a woman for more than 6 months, let her know where she belongs, I have learnt something about women; they can handle the truth! If you don't want to marry her, tell her don't waste her time or deceive her, don't send mixed signals.

The least thing you need at this young age of yours is a woman stripping herself naked and cursing you. The bible says a curse will not come to pass if it doesn't have a legitimate reason (Proverbs 26:2)  you are sleeping with her everytime, she has done one or more abortions for you, she knows members of your family, you have made her feel like she is the one yet you know you will never marry her, you have wasted her time already, don't waste it any longer, let her go! If she were to place a curse on you, it will come to pass!

Tell her the truth, she will cry and feel bad but at least she will know where she stands. Don't be a time waster, it is demonic to keep someone on a spot, you cannot do that to another human being and expect your life to constantly progress. God will reward you for anything you do either good or bad and it will come back with interest! Fear God and do the right thing.

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Jesus is Lord

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