Monday, February 8, 2016

Has Your Wife Improved Since She Met You?

I was scrolling through social media yesterday and I came across the picture of a lady; we attended school together and she was the hottest babe on the block, she was a beauty, she had guys all over her, she had enchanting eyes and shiny jet black hair, every eye turned anytime she passed.

Fast forward to a few years, she had married and given birth to one or two kids but she was no longer the same hot babe of those years, there was no more glow in her eyes, she wasn't the beautiful woman every guy wanted to date any longer, her clothes didn't even fit properly.

Then it struck me like a punch in the face; when you married that woman a few years ago, she was happy and glowing and beautiful but is she as happy and is her life better since you married her? As she progressed? Can people look at her and say "wow! We thought you were beautiful before but your husband is really taking care of you" 

If your wife or any woman under your care depreciates in your hands, you have failed as a man and a poor excuse of a husband and be sure that God will ask you why you didn't take care of that woman. 

Husbands please take a minute and review what your impact has been in the life of your wife, if she's looking worse than the time you met her, you need to step up your game,may God help us all in Jesus name. 

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Jesus is Lord 

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