Friday, February 12, 2016

God Will Expose The Wrong Relationship

#Day4 of 5: I am inspired to share on relationships till Valentine's Day.

"How come you didn't introduce me to your friends? Fidel asked. Nancy eyed Fidel and said "they know who you are now"

Fidel had travelled all the way from Benin to Lagos to see his so called girlfriend, they had dated briefly in the past but the break up was nasty, fast forward to a few years, Fidel became a Christian and it happened that Nancy too said she was now born again, she would send gospel broadcasts every morning and post Kenneth Hagin books she was reading, they talked a lot on phone but the reception he had from Nancy and her friends was very cold. 

A few minutes later, Nancy asked Fidel to accompany her and her friends to Shoprite. When they got to Shoprite, she said she wanted to window-shop with her friends, Fidel said he would wait for them at a restaurant. 

Nancy and her friends were gone for over an hour and by the time she was back Fidel was fuming. She apologized but Fidel could sense that something wasn't right. When they got back to her house, she left her phone on the table so he picked it up and snooped. There was a text message she sent to someone that read "baby, I need money for shopping, you haven't bought me anything since last year". The baby replied and said "come to Shoprite".

Fidel's eyes popped open, so she carried him to Shoprite because she wanted to go and see another man. "I thought you had changed o, stop using gospel broadcasts to deceive us, you are a runs girl" Nancy gave excuses and tried to cover up and just when Fidel was about to believe her, her phone rang and she had to pick the call in the bathroom.

"Sweetheart I have to go, my Aunty is coming to Lagos and she doesn't know I have an apartment so I am going to sleep in my aunty's house". Fidel knew there was something up again, so he left.  

He called her the next morning around 7am to check on her and she said she was back home, her aunty took the first flight back to Abuja. Nancy had a little nephew who came visiting so Fidel said hello to her on the phone and then he asked the nephew about the aunty that came from Abuja, the little girl said "which aunty? No aunty came from Abuja o". Nancy immediately snatched the phone from the young girl and was trying to make up some funny stories.

It was clear that Nancy wasn't what she said she was and that was the last time Fidel saw her, today he is married with kids. 

Fidel was in Benin, Nancy was in Lagos, he could never have known that she wasn't a Christian like she said, she would have kept on deceiving him but there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets. 

May God expose any man or woman claiming to be what they are not, may God order your steps so that you catch that man or woman you are planning to marry red handed, may you not marry the wrong man or woman in Jesus name. 

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Jesus is Lord 

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