Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Don't Date An Unbeliever

#Day2 of 3: I am inspired to share on relationships till Valentine's Day. 

"Dede is a good guy o, its just that he is a social drinker,  he drinks whenever he and his friends hang out and he also does a little shisha from time to time but he is a wonderful guy, I prefer him to all those Christian brothers who tell you that God told them to break up with you"

Lorraine is a born again Christian dating a wonderful, nice unbeliever, she had some bad experiences with Christian brothers so she decided she wouldn't base her choice of a man on church and God but she would find a good man. 

Few weeks later, she met Dede and they got along just fine, Dede was a gentleman and he didn't mince words with her, he told her that he attended church but he loved clubbing and hanging out with his friends, he doesn't  do weed but he does shisha at the club. 

Lorraine liked that he was very sincere and that he was sort of like a bad boy, she saw in him someone she could change and in a few months, they started dating. Dede loved to show Lorraine off and follow her everywhere, he enjoyed going to church with her as well.

Dede started pestering Lorraine to also hang out with him, he said there was nothing wrong going to the club to while away boredom and stress and after a heated argument on how she was not proud of him because he didn't fit into her Christian world, she decided to go with him to the club just once. 

Lorraine wasn't exactly a saint, she was a party girl before she became born again so she fit perfectly; she had on the short glittering dress with the right heels and she partied, she didn't want to drink but she had a few shots of Hennessy and some vodka. Dede was a dancer too and they rocked the floor as the Dj kept dishing out the best hits. 

It was 5am and they headed to Dede's house, it would be her first sleep over at his house but she was tipsy, she didn't mind, they got home and being the gentleman that he was he just wanted to hug her because he was sure he wouldn't get anything from this woman of God but as they hugged, she suddenly felt a serious urge to kiss him and that was how it started, it ended with clothes strewn all over the floor with Lorraine crying, oh she missed sex but she knew she shouldn't do that, how was she to preach or lead Dede to Christ now? He may even start thinking she was an hypocrite using Christianity to cover up.

I want you to settle one fact; God is way smarter than you can ever be! Whatever the bible tells you is the truth! The bible has said in 2 Corinthians 6:14 (ESV) Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?

If you date a guy or a girl who is not a Christian like you, they will lure you to sin! If you date a girl who doesn't believe pre marital sex is wrong, she will try to seduce you and if that doesn't work she will cheat on you! The same thing goes if you date a guy who is an unbeliever. They will lure you to fulfill the lust of the flesh and God is Spirit! Whatever makes you gratify the flesh is not of God! 

Who are you dating presently? Christian or unbeliever? May God help us all. Amen 

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Jesus is Lord 

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