Saturday, February 6, 2016

God is Raising a New Breed of Men

   If you have ever told a woman you loved her when you didn't, if you have ever kissed and told, if you have ever insulted a woman verbally, if you have ever slept with a woman and changed or started avoiding her after, if you have ever denied a pregnancy or asked a woman to abort a baby, if you have ever hit a woman, if you have ever promised to marry a woman and reneged on your promise, if you have ever seen a woman as inferior to you, if you have ever cheated on a woman then you are part of the problem.

Almost all men are guilty of one or two of the above listed crimes in the past and it has led to a society full of women who can't trust any longer, who can't love with the whole of their heart, women who are insecure and who have learnt to settle for less than the best God has promised them. 

Those women who have found Christ have been able to let go of past hurts, pain and insecurities and Jesus in turn has given them a brand new life. Those who have not found Christ have accepted their fate and say things like "that's how all men are". A mother passes this perception to her young daughter based on her experience with men and her husband, the daughter grows up and also passes this mindset to her daughter and the cycle continues. 

Fathers, husbands and gentlemen, let us make up our minds to raise a different breed of men; men who will love God and discipline their flesh, men who will cherish only one woman and not share their love and heart with many women.

It begins with you and I and its not easy. A woman is the sexiest and the most seductive creature God made, a woman is the most irresistible force on the earth,  it takes a man walking in his divine capacity to say "no" to the lips of a beautiful woman, it takes grace to refuse to hold a woman with inviting hips but we must lead by example if we want to build a generation of responsible men.

Ask God to help you to raise your son in the way of the Lord, the world needs praying men, disciplined men,  men who will be a gift and a blessing to the women God assigns to them. 

God's desire for men is in 1 Timothy 2:8 (NIV) 8Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing.

God wants men of prayer and men of discipline who are also holy. May God start with us and help us to build a dynasty of responsible, God fearing men.

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Jesus is Lord 

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