Monday, February 15, 2016

Activate The Ministry of Angels

   "Angels, go and begin to talk to clients who will patronize Ade's business today, he sent a prayer request that he needs 5 million naira so look for whoever has that money and let them do business with him. Satan is also trying to attack him this afternoon, go and neutralize the threat before Ade wakes up.  You are all dismissed". The Angels bowed and worshipped the One who sits on the throne "To You be honor and power and glory forever and ever amen".

A text message woke up Ade around 7am, he had woken up earlier around 3am to pray and he slept back. It was someone requesting to meet him, they fixed an appointment and by the end of that meeting, Ade had signed a five million naira deal. He got back home and begin to praise and worship God. He would never know that the devil also planned to attack him that afternoon because the attack had been neutralized by angels.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is an empowerment and a resource Christians have ignored for so long and it is causing you a lot of pain and stress. If you only knew what you had, you would never struggle in your life again. 

Beloved there is an institution set up on your behalf and it is called the ministry of angels, every champion is conscious of the presence of angels, Jesus talked about angels, Abraham saw them, Jacob saw them, David saw them and talked about them, Peter saw them, Paul saw them, Mary saw them, the list is endless! 

The reason you have been struggling without results is because you have not activated the ministry of angels. The bible describes them in Hebrews 1: 14 (NLT) Therefore, angels are only servants--spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation.

Angels were created to serve and care for you. David said about angels in Psalm 91:11 (NLT) For He will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.

Angels are your bodyguards and assistants, they go where you cannot go and reach people you cannot reach. In my business we are conscious of the ministry of angels, I know for a fact that angels talk to people to buy from us and do business with us everyday! Nobody can convince me otherwise because I see the results everyday!

How do you activate the ministry of angels? The first thing you need to understand is that angels are not your servants, they are God's servants but God lets them serve His sons and daughters, if you are not a true son and daughter, you cannot activate the ministry of angels. The first thing you need to do then is to give your life to Christ and love God.

The second thing is to acknowledge their presence, be conscious of them around your house, at the office, wherever you go, just know that angels are working on your behalf. When you pray, ask Jesus to send His angels ahead of you. 

The ministry of angels will birth faith and confidence in you, you will no longer feel helpless, you know for a fact that angels are working it out. 

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Jesus is Lord 

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  1. You are right.
    We need to acknowledge the ministry of angels.
    They aren't myths.
    They exist. And have a purpose.