Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What Winners Do

I was privileged to be one of 3 judges at a competition for barbers at the FCT organized by Philips Electronics yesterday, they had just launched a hair clipper for Nigerian men and they were promoting the product.

They were a total of 18 contestants and the winner would win. 250k and also contest with others all over Nigeria. The overall winner would be crowned the best barber in Nigeria.

It was a pretty intense competition but I learnt something about winners watching these people up close.

1. Confidence: every winner is very confident, they have no doubt about their abilities. If you don't have confidence, you can't go far.

2. Presentation: Winners don't present their products anyhow, you must develop the skill for presenting everyday things in an extraordinary way. If you sell yam at the market, let yours be clean and even sell in a nice tray. Some of the barbers were dressed in suit, you would never know they were barbers and they were very good.

3. Creativity: The winner for Abuja was a gentleman named Michael, his creativity was off the hook, his styles were very unique and he could cut hair with his right and left hand.

If you want to win in any area of your life, these 3 points will stand you out.

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