Saturday, October 15, 2016

How To Keep Your Husband

"I don't know what is wrong with my husband, he hardly talks to me, he doesn't enjoy spending time with me and our sex life is becoming stagnant, I just hope he is not cheating on me"

Many women are losing their husbands because they don't know how to keep him. You should remain the most exciting human to your husband for the rest of his life if you know how but unfortunately, many women simply don't get it. How can you keep your husband?

1. Sex: some women have no sexual talent( I pity their husband o😂😂😁) it's good to be a prayer warrior and to be filled with the Holy Spirit but in the bedroom all of that doesn't matter, a man is looking for a pornstar who will make all his sexual fantasies come to pass. Some women say they can't touch a certain part of their husband. In the words of our former First Lady "kontinu". Marriage is for life, step up your game, don't just lie there like a log of wood. Be the one to initiate sex from now on, if he knows you are waiting for him on the bed, he will rush home! 😁😁😁

2. Finesse: You and your husband started from Ajegunle but now you are living at Lekki, he is now a multi millionaire but you are still dressing and talking like a village girl, you will lose that man. As God blesses your husband and things get better, improve on yourself too, take it very seriously, dress better, learn the etiquettes of your new level, you will be indispensable to him.

3. Know his business: if your husband had to travel can you handle his business? There is nothing we do at Sapphire Scents that my wife doesn't know about or cannot handle. Your husband may not have the patience to teach you but learn by asking questions and observing how he does his business.

4. Stay in shape: I found out from fitness coaches that all those excuses women give are lies "we are fat in our family", "I have big bones". A woman out of shape is a woman who is not passionate about discipline. Make the effort, it is a small price to pay for your marriage.
May God help us all in Jesus name.

Tomorrow I will talk about how men can keep their wives.

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