Monday, October 3, 2016

As You Obey, Miracles Will Happen

Anyone who had leprosy in the days of Jesus had a major plague; lepers lived far away from everyone else, if they knocked on your door, you had to replace the door, if they entered your house that house had to be evacuated or thoroughly cleansed. They had to ring a bell if they were walking so that people could be aware of their presence and step aside. If they appeared in public unannounced, they were stoned to death.

Now imagine the lepers that came to Jesus for healing and Jesus instructed them to go and show themselves to the high priest, it was a suicide mission!  But AS THEY WENT, they were healed!

Ladies and gentlemen, God has called you to do some things that are scary and look suicidal and you did not bother to obey because you were thinking of how it will happen.

God is telling you to buy land, to give a million Naira, to stop taking loans at the bank but you are thinking of how you could ever own a piece of land when you don't even have an apartment, you are thinking of how to give away a million Naira when you don't have 10k to your name, you are thinking of how business will survive without the banks.

But this is what God is saying to you, as you set aside 5000 Naira for the land, He will send the remaining, as you put aside 10k, He will send the 990k, as you make up your mind to do business with what you have, He will make you self sufficient!

What has God told you? START! Don't look at what you have, start with the little and it will increase! God is waiting for you! Take that step this week and your results at the end of the year will shock you.

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