Sunday, October 9, 2016

Don't Get Distracted

"There is something that makes me come into Your presence, my Helper" As the congregation sang and danced, Luis could not concentrate, his eyes were fixed on the back side of a couple of ladies singing and dancing to God in front of him. No matter how hard he tried, he just could not focus on anything else, they were not provocatively dressed, he was just distracted.

The devil has a very subtle but potent strategy for Christians, he couldn't keep you from coming to church so he makes sure that you don't get anything out of the time you spend in church. Distraction is a big one for Christians, how should this be dealt with?

There are certain things that will help you:
1. Pray: When you get to church, go on your knees and pray, bind the spirit of distraction and ask the Holy Spirit to help you focus and receive the blessing God has for you.

2. Sit with passionate Christians: I am convinced that the people you sit with in church affects what you get out of the service.  Sit with people who love the word of God. How do you know? Before the service even starts, you spend time sharing revelations and insights into the word of God. Don't sit with people who just want to gist. I love to sit on the front row you can't see anything happening at your back.

3. Close your eyes: the fastest way to get distracted is to keep your eyes open during praise and worship, close your eyes and mean the words of the song. What I do is to see myself in the throne room in heaven worshipping with innumerable angels. I always believe that when I kneel down, angels kneel with me and when I sing, they sing along.

The bible says that those who appear before God in Zion goes from strength to strength. Your strength in every area of life is connected to appearing in Gods presence and getting the blessing, don't let the devil distract you.

Happy Sunday.

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