Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Is Jesus The Lord of Your Life?

"Preach Pastor! My God! Haaa, what a revelation!" Paul was a passionate Christian, He was always sitting in front and he would stand up, speak in tongues and walk around a bit whenever pastor made a valid point but with all the passion, there were no results. Paul was very poor, he couldn't afford a 3 square meal. Sometimes he had to walk home from church. Many times he would be angry at God because he didn't know why he wasn't getting results.

If you sit in front at church and you are always on fire for God, you better know what you are doing and make sure you are really serving God because people watch you and you better have results for all that passion!

The devil has many strategies that is destroying Christians one of them is a twisted mindset, the devil twists what the bible says. It was the same strategy the devil used for Eve.

My biggest fear in life is believing a lie, imagine that everything you believed for 20 years was a lie. So how then do you know the truth? There is only one way and that is the bible! Jesus and His word are one.

The reason why many Christians are struggling is because they have not made Jesus the LORD of their lives. They love God but they have not relinquished the control of their lives to Him. How do you know Jesus is the LORD of your life? You simply do and think what the bible says!

When the bible says don't be unequally yoked with unbelievers, there is no need praying about a guy or a girl that you met who is not a Christian. The word of God says to tithe but you have another idea. The bible says to forgive but you can hold a grudge for five years. Jesus is not LORD in your life if you live like this.

Some Christians listen to the voices in their head more than they read the bible. Any voice you hear must be backed up by the bible. Always verify! My brothers and sisters is Jesus TRULY the Lord of your life?

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