Sunday, October 30, 2016

Give Him A Chance

Many women have missed it because they couldn't see beyond their noses, they treated the man that could have married them like trash, they frustrated him and belittled him, they broke his heart and so he moved on. Five years after that they are still single and the man they took for granted is now married and doing very well.

For some women they could be battling with making a choice but if you see these attributes in any man and you like him and he is asking you to marry him please consider.

1. He doesn't want to sleep with you before marriage:  many single men pray and go to church but when it comes to sex, they are unbelieving believers, they are struggling and resisting temptation is a major issue. If you see a man who flees from sexual temptation, that man is going somewhere.

2. He is a giver: He may not have much but he tithes, sows seeds and just keeps giving despite what he is going through, that man is going somewhere.

3. He is a big talker: he may not have a car or even 10k in his account yet he is telling you that he will build mansions and own businesses all over the world. Any man who can dream big will eventually be big.

4. Confidence: with his one good shoe and two pairs of suits, he dresses and walks like he owns the whole place. Watch out for that man.

5. He has a habit of prayer and gratitude: any man who prays constantly and who has a habit of gratitude cannot stay down.

Do you know any man like this? Give him a chance. The bible says in Zechariah 4:10

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