Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Psalm of Confidence in God

A Psalm of Confidence in God

Anytime I feel the sand under my feet

Anytime I  feel the sun’s heat

I know that God will be ever faithful and loving

And I know He will never leave me waiting

You can’t tell me the wind won’t blow

You can't tell me my hair won’t grow

Because it’s not in your hands and you have no idea

Therefore you can’t say anything about my life, the present does not matter

God swore by himself that He has blessed me

He came down to my level and swore by creation and trinity

That He would bless and multiply my effort

That He would cushion me on all sides with comfort

It doesn't  matter what the doctor or the landlord is saying

God’s word is what I believe, you can’t break my spirit; you will always see me smiling.

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