Monday, October 10, 2016

Speak What You Want To See

"You recession I bind you in Jesus name, I put on the whole armor of God and I resist you in Jesus name"

There is a lot of prayers going round these days because of the challenges the world is facing, I am not of this world so I don't see any effect of the recession 🙌.

One of the important things every believer should know is how to pray and how to talk.  The bible says "we should be imitators of God as dear children" Ephesians 5:1

How does God talk? God simply says what He wants to see! The bible says that in the beginning the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. Did God bind the darkness? Nope! He said "let there be light!"

Lazarus had been dead and stinking for 3 days, did Jesus bind the spirit of death? Nope! He said "Lazarus come forth!"

The storm was troublesome and the waves were tossing the boat about so bad when Jesus was woken up He said to the storm "peace be still"

The attitude of faith is to speak what it believes and what it wants to see, faith does not focus on the problem, it focuses on the results! Ignore the situation, speak what you want to see! Joel 3:10b says "let the weak say I am strong!"

SPEAK what you want to SEE! That is your route out of the situation. So I throw the question to you; what do you want to see?

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