Monday, October 24, 2016

Be Delivered From Wicked and Unreasonable People

"And that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all men have not faith". 2 Thessalonians 3:2 

If you will be great, the devil will send some wicked and unreasonable people your way, they will try to destroy you but if you are a son of the living God, you will overcome. 

Joseph had his brothers and Portiphar's wife as the wicked and unreasonable people in his life, for David it was King Saul, for the Jews it was Adolf Hitler. These people only have one ambition and it is to destroy you no matter what it takes. 

How do you recognize the wicked and unreasonable people in your life?

1. They are possessed: medical terms call it personality disorders, depression and many more. They had issues with their childhood either they were raped or beaten up or unloved. They didn't grow up like normal people and they began to feed an hatred that opened doors to demons. 

2. They are good pretenders: they could be the most charming people on the earth when they want to, they are also amazing liars. They lie effortlessly and you would never know its a lie if you didn't know them. They find it easy to accuse people falsely. 

3. They are calculative master planners: they can plan how they will have their revenge for 5 years and they will know exactly when to strike. 

4. They are control freaks: they must be in charge! If this kind of person is your boss, they want you to do exactly what they want. They panic when they can't control you and they won't rest till they let you do what they want and how they want it. 

5. They complain and never have any good thing to say about anybody. They nag about everything and nothing is ever good enough. If you are the object of their hatred, they will badmouth you everywhere. 

If you know someone like this, you are dealing with a wicked and unreasonable person. How do you deal with them?

1. Pray a lot
2. You will get angry but don't get bitter, no matter what, be quick to forgive, it won't be easy
3. Make up your mind not to be afraid of them, they like to scare people, their driving force is fear.  See them as little lost puppies.
4. Be happy always 

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