Monday, October 31, 2016

Benny Hinn Live at COZA

Dr Benny Hinn will be at COZA tomorrow by Gods grace and it will be a life changing experience. The anointing on him is not just for healing and deliverance, you may be thinking that you are not sick in your body and you are coming for a show to see what people will experience but what I want you to know is that there is an anointing on your life that the power of God can activate!

Every child of God is anointed for something, it could be for business, for finance, for healing and deliverance, for wisdom, for ideas. There is an anointing on your life! The anointing is like electricity, you can use electricity to boil water, iron your clothes, watch TV, charge your phone, turn on the AC and many more, that is the same way the anointing is diverse in its working. 

Today and tomorrow consecrate yourself. What does it mean to consecrate? Whenever God wanted to come and do miracles and exploits for the Israelites, He would ask them to consecrate themselves. It means to set yourself apart,  prepare yourself in 3 areas:

1. In prayers: speak in tongues a lot 
2. In reading the word: you can listen to Dr. Benny's messages and watch him on YouTube, your faith and expectation will rise.
3. Create an atmosphere of worship: Music ushers in the presence of God, create an atmosphere of worship all over your house and office. 

My DSTV subscription expired yesterday but I am not fixing it until after Dr Benny Hinn because I want to focus. Tomorrow will be unforgettable for me how about you? 

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