Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Psalms of Worship

Many people read the book of Psalms but have never bothered to ask what a Psalm means. A psalm is a sacred song or hymn used in worshipping God, you can write your own psalms. 🙌

For the next couple of days, I will be posting psalms that the Holy Spirit has inspired me to write.

I wrote this one five years ago and I was going through some difficult times. I pray it blesses you.

Through It All

Through lack and pain
Through struggles and hustles without gain
Through the moments I pray and I don’t get answers
Through the moments poverty eats deep like cancer
Through the moment the future looks bleak
Through the moments I cry and am so weak
Through the moment people wonder where my God is
Through the moment the enemy is writing his victorious thesis
Then, I will open my mouth and praise my God
I will praise HIM for breath; I will praise HIM for blood
I will praise HIM for sanity; I will praise HIM for sight
I will let the high praise of God be in my mouth, out of the lack, I will pay my tithe
For my Father will never leave me alone
HE will give me harvest for that which I have sown
So I praise my God in anticipation
Knowing that HE will exceed my expectation
The setback is like that of an arrow
It don’t matter where my mates are, they won’t be my mates tomorrow
The Trinity has settled it
So I let the high praise of God be in my mouth and I receive it.

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