Thursday, October 13, 2016

Give God The First and Best

If you drive your car without holding the wheel, you will end up in a ditch, if you kept a pot of soup for 3 days without warming it, the soup will spoil, the moment you drive a brand new car out of a shop, its value deteriorates! Ever since the fall of man, life has always gone down.

Therefore increase and success is a conscious process, if you jump up you will come down but if you grow up, you will stay there!

How does one increase? There is only one way I know and the application of these principles has led to some increase in my life.

The bible says in Proverbs 3:9 (MSG) Honor God with everything you own; give Him the first and the best. Your barns will burst and your wine vats will brim over.

I want you to take your attention off giving and focus on the word "HONOR" what does it mean to honor someone? You give that person preferential treatment, you put them first.

So when you honor God with everything you own, it means that you ascribe the glory of your efforts to God! Whenever you buy something and as you are making payments you whisper "thank You Jesus for making this possible"

It also means that when you receive your salary or money from business, the first money you remove is your tithe AND your offering, sieve through the notes, make sure it's the cleanest notes and then keep them aside.

The bible says if you make this a habit, He says your barns which represents your bank account will burst with money and you will have businesses coming to you from everywhere.

Let me share a testimony with you; Sapphire Scents distributorship started with 15k, then 30k, then 50k, then 70k and now 100k yet people are joining us everyday.  Let me tell you why even if it goes up to a million Naira people will keep joining us. It is because the first 15k, 30k, 70k and 100k were given to honor God, we gave Him the first and the best and He released angels (Malaikas 😁😁😁) who do our marketing for us!

If you will honor God and give Him the first and the best, increase is certain! Try God and you will see your world change.

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