Monday, October 10, 2016

God Frustrates the Devices of the Crafty

I am stirred to share this testimony with anyone going through a conspiracy or if you have been lied against  at your  place of work

This time 2 years ago, I remember waking up from my friend's couch, I had just been transferred back to Abuja with only one week notice, no accommodation or transportation allowance with a 7 months pregnant wife.  They called it a "disciplinary transfer". What was my offense? I stood up for the truth and so the office mafia decided to deal with me.

I had my faults because I wasn't a very patient person. I had a very insecure supervisor, the 42 year old woman was an HND holder and I tried my best to make her comfortable but a chicken can never be comfortable in the presence of a lion. I was a threat because as far as she was concerned, I wanted her 250k monthly job and she had to protect it at all costs.

They had a strategy and it was to fill my staff file with queries without any response from me. So there were like 100 accusations in my file and less than 10 responses from me.

Almost everyday they would put something in my staff file either it was true or not. The big idea was to keep me from progressing in that organization and then sack me and make it impossible for me to ever work again.

They eventually presented my case at the board meeting. I remember one of my colleagues looking at me at the office that day,  his look said "once Tomi is back from Abuja you are a goner". I just smiled and shook my head at how foolish men can be. I had seen a scripture that said "my times are in your hands" Psalm 31:15 I knew they would fail, I had no doubt about it.

As expected they failed woefully and it was to make sure that they dealt with me that I was transferred back to Abuja. Thank God they conspired o 😁😁😁😁.

You see your enemies are working for God, don't be scared of what they are planning, as long as you are a child of God it will work for your good!

When I look back now and I remember that this time last year I was earning 130k per month, sometimes I roll on the floor and worship this mighty God who frustrates the plans of the crafty; so that what they work for never succeeds. Job 5:12

If you are going through a situation like this, be excited! Your enemies will not die, they will be alive and well and they will be seeing you rise and succeed. God will prepare a table before you in the presence of your  enemies, they are working for your good!

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