Saturday, October 15, 2016

How To Keep Your Wife

" I don't know what is wrong with my wife, there is no respect for me at all and I literally have to beg for sex, the only time I ever see her smile is when she's chatting on her phone. I hope she's not cheating on me"

Many men are married to women who just stay in the union because of their children or because they have nowhere to go. If many women were given the opportunity, they would quit their marriages without a thought.  How can men keep their wives and homes happy?

1. Be a provider; the bible says that the man who cannot provide for his family has lost his faith and is worse than an infidel (1 Timothy 5:8). A Yoruba proverb also says "owo la fi n soko obinrin" which means "money is the tool by which you prove that you are indeed a woman's husband". 

Your wife doesn't have to work or pay out of the rent or the school fees. It is YOUR responsibility as a man, it's not for both of you! She may decide to help but if you are a smart man, you will let her keep her money or make sure you return it to her with interest. 

2. Good sex: Ease up on sugar and alcohol, it will affect your sex life, no woman wants a one minute man. Sexual satisfaction is very important in marriage, if you fail in this one, there is fire on the mountain, get all the help you can. 

3. Respect: Your wife doesn't belong to your kitchen, your living room and the other room, she belongs by your side! Treat her like a queen and protect her with your life. I remember starting a fight sometime ago because someone talked to my wife anyhow. Let people know you will start world war 3 if your wife is disrespected.  She is that important and valuable and people will treat your wife the way you treat her. 

4. Spend time with her: Don't be forming friendship on the bed when she knows that it's because you are looking for something 😂😂😂 be genuinely friends, share gists, take her out, don't be husband and wife, be boyfriend and girlfriend. 

5. Pray for her: the biggest secret I have learnt about marriage is prayer, couples who pray together, stay together, pray for each other everyday. Prayer is the seed for unity. 

May God help us all in Jesus name. 

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