Wednesday, March 30, 2016

You Need Money!

 "Father I thank You because you will send me the million dollars I need to expand my business". As Bruce was praying, the Holy Spirit said to him "will you do business with  Me?" Will you be the answer to the prayers of many people?" Bruce fell on his knees and made a promise to God that he would use his wealth to help humanity. From that moment on, his life changed forever, Bruce is the youngest Nigerian on the Forbes list and he is worth $20 billion.

When I see a Christian who doesn't want to be wealthy, I see an irresponsible Christian who doesn't understand purpose. Do you know how many people are praying for God to send them bread and a roof over their heads this morning? Do you know how many people are praying for clothes and shoes? Do you know how many people are praying for jobs? Do you know how many are sick in the hospital and cannot afford the hospital bills? Do you know how many mother and child are killed because they can't afford decent healthcare?

Money is amoral which means it is neither good nor bad, it only takes the nature of whoever owns it! The world system is smart and they use their money to promote the devil, that's why words like 'God', 'Jesus' have been censored on DSTV but it's cool for them to include scenes of homosexuality in every movie. 

After God, the most powerful man on earth is the man with money, the bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 10:19 (NIV) money is the answer for everything.

Unfortunately, the devil has twisted the mind of so many Christians to think selfishly, they simply think of the house they want to build, the cars they want to drive, clothes, shoes, trips abroad and end of story. 

Newsflash! God can't bless you much if you think like this, you need to start thinking in billions! You need billions of dollars to change the way TV is influencing lives, where the media is headed is to pump you with enough homosexual material that after sometime, you will accept it as normal. Imagine your daughter in a school in Nigeria  where her friend's parents are lesbians!  God forbid! You need money to create  a world where the gospel of Jesus Christ is being preached and where people are blessed enough not to be attracted to the world system! 

Begin to ask God for billions because you will need that much to change the world!

My 20 year dream is to see the Gospel preached to a billion people through the social media. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. Thank you for reading. Shalom
Jesus is Lord 

Watch the Oud Experience:

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