Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pay Attention To Your Dressing

  " Good afternoon, how are you today? Charles said. Can I see the honorable Minister  please?"

Linda's jaw dropped as he looked at the gentleman across her table, he had never seen any man look so good in a pinstripe suit, everything was in place; tie, pocket square, shoes, he smelt like a million dollars, his fingers were well manicured  and when he smiled at her, she blushed.
"Errrm, thank you give me a minute" Linda said as she wiped her forehead, she was sweating.

A moment later, Charles was ushered into the presence of the minister, the first thing the minister said was "wow you are a sharp dresser, I like you already, what perfume is that you are wearing?" 30 minutes later, Charles walked out of the minister's office with a one billion Naira contract. Nobody knew that he was living in a one bedroom at the outskirts of town but now he was a multimillionaire because he presented himself in an irresistible way.

Ladies and gentlemen, the bible says in 1 Samuel 16:7b (NIV) People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.
God was talking to Samuel in this verse because God had asked him to anoint one of the sons of Jesse. When he saw David's brothers and how well dressed they were, he was convinced that one of them should be king, God had to caution him!

Let us read the bible visually a bit; someone looks at a man simply by the way he is dressed and concludes that he should be king. The truth is how you are dressed is creating an opinion about you!

The Queen of Sheba had not seen Solomon but the bible tells us that when she saw the clothes of Solomon's servants and many other things, she had no more breath in her. What people SEE is creating their decisions about you!

If what people see is important then you should pay attention to personal grooming; clothes are not a waste of money, they are an investment! The most important investment should be in your mind, the second should be the way you present yourself.

 Never compromise on quality when it comes to clothes and shoes. You cannot go and bid for a million dollar contract looking like a pauper, people relate to you based on their perception of you! Joseph had been in prison for at least 10 years but when Pharoah sent for him, he shaved and changed his clothes, he wasn't looking like a prisoner when he got to the palace!

You have prayed, fasted, wrote the proposal and now they want to see, make yourself unforgettable, look your best. Research on how to dress, copy someone's style you admire. God has released blessings over you this month, make yourself look presentable to receive it.

Happy new month!

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Jesus is Lord

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