Friday, March 18, 2016

Sons Don't Work For Privileges

"If I had money ehn, I would build my house and drive brand new cars but to make that dream come true will take many years o".

Ladies and gentlemen whenever you decide the quality of your life based on what you have in your pocket or bank account you have just short changed yourself.

Jesus didn't buy many things because He was the son of God, you also are a son of the Most High God! The reason why you always settle for less than the best is because you think of the price tag! It costs a lot to buy a brand new car who told you that you have to buy it? It costs a lot to build a house who told you that you have to pay for it?

The bible says in Psalm 24, the earth is the Lords AND the FULNESS, the world and they that dwell therein, God owns EVERYTHING and men are just stewards, God can give you things easily!

It is no wonder that when Jesus needed a jeep (that's what a donkey was in the days of Jesus), He asked them to go and bring a donkey that no one has ever ridden on before Mark 11:2 (tear rubber, brand new, 0 mileage) and He said to His disciples, "if anyone asks where you are taking the donkey, tell them the Lord needs it. "The word 'Lord' means 'owner' that's why you have a landlord, so in other words, it may have belonged to another person but Jesus is the real owner because the earth is the Lord AND its FULLNESS!

Isaiah 55:1 says come and buy without money and without price. You don't need money to drive a brand new car or live in your own house, you just need to see yourself as God sees you, see yourself as a son! What did you have to do for your father to take care of you all these years? Nothing! Simply because you are his son! God may give you instructions to follow before He gives you your desires but sons don't work for privileges!

God has not called you to work for things, He said they will be added to you, let your priority be your love for God and the expansion of His kingdom, everything you desire will come!

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Jesus is Lord

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