Sunday, August 16, 2015

This Is Not The End

Olusegun Obasanjo knelt down on the floor and prayed. He was 60 years old today and at his age, he had seen it all; he had been Nigerian military head of state, his friends were powerful people all over the world including the president of the United States yet here he was in prison. He who had been so celebrated was now the same person that made his friends cry whenever they saw him. Yakubu Danjuma who was known to be a very diplomatic person could not hold back tears when he came to greet his former head of state in Yola prison.
Despite all of the challenges, he was grateful because he had life, his colleague General Yaradua whom General Abacha sent to jail the same time as he was already dead. He truly had a lot to be thankful for.
All of his life, he had been a religious man but prison brought him closer to God. He had become a man of prayer, he even wrote a book on prayer from the prison. It was during prayer that God began to tell him that his future was brighter than his past.
Sometime later, Olusegun Obasanjo left prison and became Nigeria's president for 8 years. He became the only man in the history of Nigeria to hold 3 terms in office. (I read Gen. Obasanjo's book 'My Watch')
Beloved, if you carry the seed of greatness in you, you will face great challenges. Don't try to run from those challenges no matter how humiliating they may be, there are lessons God is using that phase of your life to teach you. One of the lessons is usually a spiritual rebirth; God brings you closer to Himself and begins to tell you about the future He has for you. The things God will tell you will look impossible but that's why He is God!
Whatever you are going through is not the end of your life. Your future is brighter and glamorous than all the challenges you have faced. Joseph who was a prisoner in Egypt for many years named his firstborn Mannaseh because he said God has made him forget all his troubles (Genesis 41:51). God can and He will make you forget all that you are going through right now. The nights when you cry yourself to sleep, the nights when worry and fear kept you awake, the days you were humiliated and offended, the days you felt as though God had abandoned you. God will make you forget and then He will exalt you beyond your wildest imaginations.
I want you to praise God in church today with the understanding that the future is brighter and God has greatness in store for you. It happened for Joseph, it happened for Obasanjo, it will happen for you!
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