Friday, August 14, 2015

Pastor Gives Birth to Twins at Age 55

One of my readers sent in this awesome testimony. It will bless you. Enjoy...
The woman of God (mother of the twins) is a friend of my aunt we all address her as mummy and her husband as daddy. Now to my testimony. The couple are both servants of God in a ministry in Atlanta, GA and have been married for 24 years without a child or mummy getting pregnant for a day. They went for series of tests in Europe and America , they have been to the best gynecologists in the world but nothing went through until they both decided to leave it all to God to face the ministry God called them to.

Many were blessed with children through their ministry; babies were dedicated year to year in the church, they were made god parents to many. and of course the devil always tried  to sow confusion in the house of God. Some church members started questioning why they prayed for women looking for the fruit of the womb whom were blessed and they couldn't pray for themselves to receive such blessing but all that did not stop them from doing the work of God, they continued to pray, fast, pay their tithes, sow seeds basically do everything that  God required them to do. The beautiful thing about mummy and daddy was that their whole house was decorated with pictures of all their god children (talk about calling forth your blessings).

Sometime last year, mummy was going through the Word as usual and in the midst of it she paused to ask God where He was and if He hears her prayers,  daddy heard her and encouraged her not to worry that God that did it for Sarah is still the same God and if it's God's will for them to be blessed then He will bless them and that same month Mummy took in for the first time in her life at 55 years of age! Even the doctors were surprised and tried to tell her that her that she was a high risk pregnant woman but she turned to God in faith and prayer to see her through, she cancelled so many doctor appointments because she believed only in the report of God to see her through which He did all through the 9 months, a huge baby shower was planned but to the glory of God the twins came a day to the baby shower.

The delivery was smooth, no complications, nothing at all, God proved the doctors and science wrong again leaving them all surprised. Today, mummy and daddy are blessed with twin healthy baby boys (Taiye  and Kehinde) and have added their pictures to the rest of the pictures in their home.
  Glory be to God and thank you sir, for an opportunity to share this huge testimony on your blog. God bless you and your ministry, Amen.

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