Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Are You a Lover or a Beggar?

Wumi checked her time, it was 10am in the morning, she had not spoken to her husband in 2 hours, so she picked up her phone and sent him a message. The thought of him put a smile on her face, what would she do without her precious Olufemi?
They had been married for four years and she had never regretted her decision to marry him for a single day. Their first few years were very tough, they had to squat with friends and family for about a year after their wedding but her love and devotion to her husband only grew. She just loved the man uncontrollably and Olufemi loved her back with the same passion and zeal.
Ladies and gentlemen, God is not looking for an affair or a one night stand with you, He is not looking for people who will cry to Him only when they have challenges, God is looking for lovers, He is looking for people who have a heart for Him regardless of what is going on in their lives.
David who was described as a man after God's own heart said in Psalm 42:1 (NLT) As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God. Do you ever long for God? Are you ever conscious of the presence of the Holy Spirit? Do you consciously study the word of God to know God more? Do you want more of God or just the things you can get out of Him?
Let me share a secret with you. Lovers don't beg for anything from their beloved before they are given what they want. A lover pleasures the heart of his beloved while beggars only seek an audience for what they need at a particular point in time. Lovers and beggars can NEVER have the same results!
Which would you be? Would you love God and consciously spend time in His presence or would you be a beggar who only comes to God when help is needed?
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