Saturday, August 15, 2015

Let It Go!

"Do you want to slap me again? Slap me now, shameless man". Cindy was fond of manipulating Jamie,her husband whenever they had an argument. He had hit her 2 years ago when out of a jealous rage she smashed his windscreen because she thought he was cheating on her. He immediately realised what he had done and he apologised profusely and since that time no matter the provocation, he would never lay his hands on his wife. It was the most shameful thing he had ever done in his life.
Cindy knew that was her husband's weakness and she never let him forget it, to her it was her trump card to keep her husband in check. Whenever cases of domestic abuse was discussed on TV, radio or in the church, she always gave her husband that "they are talking about you" look. It had become her weapon to blackmail, extort money and have her way all the time.
Jamie knew he was a good man, it was just unfortunate what happened in the past, he never believed he could hit a woman in his life, it was bad enough that it happened but now his wife would not let it go. The truth is he didn't feel like coming home any longer, he was tired of all the manipulation and blackmail. What should Jamie do?
If you are a married woman or you are in a relationship and you are fond of bringing up the past all the time because it makes your husband or partner let you have your way, the truth is you won't have that man for long. One day he will break down because he would be tired of all the mind games and he would leave you for good. Every man gravitates towards the woman who speaks to the king in him not the woman who speaks to the fool in him.
There are so many women with good men who never appreciate all the good he has done and he's doing for them but whenever he makes any mistake, you are quick to condemn him and call him names.
Madam/ babe, I will tell you the truth, what you are practising is witchcraft and it is demonic! The bible says about the proverbs 31 woman (Proverbs 31:11-12)Her husband can trust her,and she will greatly enrich his life.She brings him good, not harm,all the days of her life.
Whatever he did may be painful but your target should be how to let it go! No man can survive in an atmosphere where he is constantly reminded of his failures and weaknesses. Pray for the grace to let it go. You and that man are ‪#‎BetterTogether‬
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