Thursday, April 28, 2016

Your Miracle is Hidden In an Instruction

“Lord I need a car, I have been saving but it’s still not enough, send me help, supply all my needs according to Your riches”
As Emeka prayed, he heard the Holy Spirit say to him, “take that money and buy your neighbor a car”. Emeka’s neighbour  Chuks , used to drive a taxi but the car had an accident, Chuks had been jobless since that time. 
Emeka had saved over N500, 000 so he walked to Chuks and asked how much he would need for a car and when Emeka gave him the money, Chuks almost fainted: he began to cry. 

As Emeka walked away, his phone rang, it was his elder brother from Canada, he said to him “Emeka how you de, I just started selling cars and my consignment just landed Lagos. Someone will bring two cars for you tomorrow”. Emeka thought he was dreaming “brother is that really you?” His brother had not spoken to him in years but suddenly he was sending him two cars.  Emeka got home and began to thank The Miracle Working God.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you do determines what God will do!  That is why God places serious emphasis on obedience!  There is a price for your miracle and most times its obedience! The Holy Spirit gives you an instruction, He may tell you to take a seed to your church or buy someone something or apologize to someone you offended,  He may tell you to wake up in the middle of the night and just dance.

Whatever instruction, the Holy Spirit has given you, there is profit at the end,  there is a reward! Physical actions have spiritual implications! Don’t doubt instructions you receive from your man of God because it’s simple, the answer to your prayer is an instruction away!  The Bible says in Isaiah 1:19 (NLT) If you will obey Me, you will have plenty to eat. Prosperity is at the other side of your obedience.

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