Monday, April 18, 2016

Seven Things You Didnt Know About Reverend Biodun and Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo

The world looks at this glam couple and are just awed yet there is a story behind the glory. These are seven things you didn't know about Pastor Biodun and Mummy D.

1. Reverend  Biodun and Pastor Modele started dating in the university.

2  Before Reverend Biodun proposed to Pastor Modele, he asked her if she could marry a poor man, all he wanted to do was preach the gospel. He didn’t know that God set him up.

3.  Pastor Biodun and Pastor Modele have been married for 17 years

4. Their first house had no kitchen and it was a one room apartment.

5. Pastor Biodun and Pastor Modele vowed that they would not build their own house until they build a house for God.
6.   The doctors told Reverend  Biodun and Pastor Modele, they would never have children, today they have four children.

7. Pastor Modele was the first usher in COZA and when the first person showed up in church, she was so excited, she ran to the gate to welcome him. 


  1. I remember how he said they pasted Gods word all over the house. The part where Pastor Modele pasted how God will fill their storehouses but they didnt even have a store. God is faithful

  2. You are preaching great Sir Adewale...the world needs to know these things. For every glory there is a story...

    I love, celebrate, honour and value Our Senior Pastor's.

  3. This is really cool . .

  4. Thank You Jesus for this amazing and sweet Pastors of mine....Love u dearly sir and ma.

  5. I love this kingdom couple. Thanks for sharing your story sir. Greater level of manifestation of God's glory in Jesus name Amen.

  6. Wow...
    Permit me to add 3 more to make it 10.

    8. PASTOR BIODUN began preaching with only 1 chinos trousers for about a year.

    9. THERE was a day they both went out for evangelism and PASTOR MODELE walked for about 6 hours to the point that the slippers on her feet split into two and they continued preaching.

    10. PASTOR MODELE is the first member of The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly. She is the First Lady, GCOZ, GCKC, GCFR, GCON, MNPR, KNGDM, KCLM, OOFR, OON, GDMR... the list is endless.

    Truth be told, they are Spirits.

    1. I have met both of them separately and can tell the world...they are called!

  7. Guess people should come up with more to know of this wonderful man and woman of God.